Sunday, December 6th: Celebrate SIPP! Your Gifts at Work

Sustainable Israeli-Palestinian Projects (SIPP)
Sunday, December 6, 11:00 am MST
Celebrate SIPP!  Your Gifts at Work

Anyone interested in work that benefits both Israelis and Palestinians is invited to attend this exciting Zoom event. SIPP will introduce you to our seven new Mini-Grant recipients.  These projects cover a wide range of civil society and environmental programs that support efforts to promote peace and well-being including:

  • outdoor education for Bedouin boys and girls through off-road biking
  • fostering connections among environmental entrepreneurs from Israel, Palestine, and the United Arab Emirates
  • facilitating empowerment and cross-cultural ties between the Negev’s Jewish community and local Bedouin women
  • providing cross-cultural Arabic language training;
  • educational rain water catching
  • environmental education
  • online dialogue.

You will also learn about:

  • Bipartisan legislation in the US Congress to dramatically increase funding for Israeli and Palestinian peace-building efforts,
  • Green Land Society for Health Development’s Environmental Education Center (EEC) in the West Bank, the EEC’s new computer refurbishing project, and
  • The use of biogas digesters at the EEC and in Boulder’s Sister City Ramat HaNegev.

SIPP’s Israeli Liaison and other partners introduced at our Spring Zoom gathering will be also in attendance.

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All of SIPP’s successes happen because of donor support and the efforts of its volunteer Board.

An RSVP is necessary to receive the Zoom link.

While everyone is welcome, there is a suggested donation of $100 per household.

With your help SIPP can continue making grants with real impact!

About Sid Fox

Sid Fox renewed his interest and study from his Hebrew School days (where he was inspired by Deborah Pessin's insightful series 'The Story of the Jewish People') when he read James Michener's "The Source". Sid eventually taught a two semester Sunday class for adults at their home when their children were at Sunday School. It was based on 15 years study of the Bible, the three hundred years of modern research and Biblical Archaeology areas he continued to pursue as he branched out to Shakespeare, the Classics and other interests.

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