Masa Israel Journey Opens New Programming Year

JERUSALEM — Masa Israel Journey, founded by The Jewish Agency and The Government of Israel, announced today that the organization’s new programming year is open with some changes to eligibility for grants and scholarships. Masa is also the first organization to accept registrations for Israel experiences through summer 2021. The announcements come following an annual budget agreement between Masa, The Jewish Agency and The Government of Israel.

Since 2004, Masa has been the home of long-term experiences in Israel. The organization has brought over 160,000 young adults from 62 countries to Israel for gap year, academic, internship, professional training and service-learning programs. Throughout the crisis, Masa was one of the only organizations to continue operations. Thousands of Fellows chose to continue their programs with respect to safety and health regulations and precautions.

“With the significant economic downturn due to the COVID-19 pandemic, The Jewish Agency and The Government of Israel reduced Masa’s budget. At the same time, demand for Masa programs is increasing significantly as job markets tighten and universities remain closed for in-person classes. With over 7,000 pre-registrations, together with our funders, we had to make difficult choices that advanced our strategic priorities while maximizing our funds. Adjustments were made in multiple areas to ensure that we can provide as many people as possible meaningful, long-term experiences in Israel. We are actively seeking out new fundraising opportunities that close the gaps created by these budget cuts and match the increasing demand.”

— Masa’s Acting CEO Ofer Gutman

Masa is adjusting operations in its new programming year to reflect the changing economic realities. To contend with budgetary cuts, the organization adjusted eligibility requirements for Masa grants and scholarships. These include changes to the length of programs subsidized for Fellows from the Former Soviet Union and academic programs. Grants and scholarships for Fellows from North America and the United Kingdom in Jewish studies programs will be limited to participants 22 years and older.

About Masa Israel Journey: Masa Israel Journey is the largest immersive, long-term educational experience for young adults ages 18-30. On its programs that range from two months to a year, Masa offers an authentic, unmediated and challenging journey into Israeli society, culture, politics and history – and acts as the largest pipeline for the Jewish Diaspora to access the finest Israeli businesses, social enterprises and academic institutions. Since its 2004 founding by The Jewish Agency and The Government of Israel, Masa has served over 160,000 young people from more than 62 countries.

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