Introduction to Kaballah Class Starting Soon

Kabbalah is a term used for Jewish mystical tradition.  It is a way to connect with one’s purpose in life while connecting with the divine.  According to Kabbalah, everything within our world contains divine sparks imprisoned within the shells of matter.  The goal of the study and practice of Kabbalah is to liberate these sparks in order to effect tikkun, or repair of the upper world, and hence of our own.

In this seven-week class starting January 16th, we will explore the overall place of kaballah in Jewish thought, review the major texts involved, and look at some key tenets of the tradition.  This is a theoretical based class, where we will learn both the language of kaballah and a process for studying complex theory.  This creates an opportunity to stretch the mind and grow in ways that accesses deeper soul potentials. Please bring a journal.

Taught by Maggid Charna Rosenholtz, MA, a Senior Status Aleph Rabbinic Student. She teaches Torah locally and nationally, to the young and old, and with believers and seekers.
Please register with Charna at for more information, location and times.

Charna Rosenholtz

Charna Rosenholtz, MA is an accomplished teacher, specializing in psychospiritual growth and applications of spiritual wisdom. Ordained as a Hebrew wisdom teacher (Maggid) by Rabbis Zalman Schacter-Shalomi z”l and Tirzah Firestone in 2007, she also holds a Masters degree in religious studies from Naropa University in Boulder. A visionary, Charna believes in the role of Hebrew Scriptures as a living guide for becoming the best that we can be. Charna has specialized in teaching and leading Torah studies since 1998 and has presented on issues of spirituality to all age groups.

A healing arts practitioner since 1985, Charna has studied with medicine women, clergy, and master teachers of health and human potential. Charna weaves embodied practices, felt-sense awareness, and contemplative exercises into the learning experience. Her skill set in developing empowered learning environments creates successful circles of learning. Currently a Senior Status Rabbinic student with Aleph Alliance for Jewish Renewal, her classes are taught in Boulder, Fort Collins, and Chicago, Illinois.

About Charna Rosenholtz

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