Buy Less Stuff This Holiday Season

Buy Less Stuff This Holiday Season

The City of Boulder envisions building a circular economy to make a big impact on our consumption emissions. One pillar of a circular economy is that materials in the community are cycled at high value: 

  • The things we buy and use are built to last
  • We repair what’s broken
  • We reduce and reuse
  • We trade and share. 

The infrastructure they envision is an impressive goal! We can start working toward this vision right now by changing the way we think about gifting this holiday season and buying less stuff! 

Check out what Jeff and Paige have to say about it and share the message with the children in your life.

A few sustainable gift ideas for your loved ones include:

Gift Experiences, not stuff

  • Take a virtual class together – So many places are offering fun virtual classes this season, including the Boulder JCC.
  • Gift a membership or subscription – Memberships are available for many different interests: art and science museums, butterfly pavilion, or the botanic gardens, to name a few. Try gifting a subscription to an audio book, music, or television streaming service. Maybe a subscription to an online fitness program. Some musicians or artists (like Jeff and Paige) are also offering subscriptions.

Buy a Used Treasure

“The Buyerarchy of Needs,” by Ana Bogusky

There are great vintage and consignment stores in Boulder. Check out this list from Yelp. Childish Things is a favorite for gently used kids clothes and toys. You can also shop used online at places like Patagonia Worn Wear and Poshmark.

Give Tzedakah

Donate money to your loved ones’ favorite cause. Some have the tradition of giving tzedakah instead of gifts on the fourth night of Chanukah. It’s great to involve the whole family in giving.

Gift Local Food

Ever thought of giving someone you love a CSA share? Or what about a gift from a local bakery or specialty food shop? The Boulder County Farmers Market is even extending their virtual marketplace all year and you can purchase a gift or gift card. You can also check out Colorado’s Food and Agriculture Gift Guide.

And remember, wrapping paper isn’t really recyclable and cards aren’t either if they’re embossed, have stickers, foil, or other embellishments. Check out Eco-Cycle’s full guide.

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