Boulder JFS, JCC Still Need Passover Donations Dropped Off

In partnership, Boulder Jewish Family Service and Boulder JCC are seeking donations for a Passover grocery bag delivery. Passover bags will be delivered to 63+ community members who are isolated either at retirement communities or at home.

We understand under the new Colorado laws concerning isolation and social distancing getting and dropping off items has become more challenging.  We want everyone to stay safe and abide by the new recommendations. We also realize so many want to help and participate in helping others in our community.  Especially those elders who are most affected and have been in a lock down situation for many weeks, unable to see family, friends and loved ones.  Here are some ways you can donate to the food drive for Passover and an updated list if items we need.

The Boulder JCC is available Monday – Friday 9:00 am – 5:00 pm to take any drop off donations or any deliveries or shipped items.  Please just leave by the front door.  The address is 6007 Oreg Ave, Boulder CO 80303. 

Things you can do:

  • Next time at the store pick up a few items and drop off at the JCC
  • Order items from your local grocery store and have them deliver to the JCC
  • Use an app like insta cart to order and deliver
  • Order online and ship directly to the JCC

Items when available are taking 3-4 days for delivery

Please note these items DO NOT need to be kosher and they can be creative-  for grape juice they can do box juice (like for kids) and for soup they can do broth.  Cookies can be gluten free (maybe).  We also did not get any gift cards ☹  so we might pass on the parsley and horseradish and just concentrate on the food items.

Items needed (as of 4/2); please donate what you can:

  • 7 boxes of matzah
  • 46 boxes of macaroons
  • 37 jars of gefilte fish
  • 58 cans or instant chicken soup
  • 43 oranges
  • 25 grape juice small boxes or bottles
  • 10 Eggs
  • 10 Charoset
  • 15 Hagaddahs

Please contact Mary Pierce at 720.749.3403 if you have any questions. 

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