1/4 of All-Time Boulder Jewish Film Festival Titles Now Streaming

The most common question I am asked after each screening of the Boulder Jewish Film Festival is, “Where is this film available?”

Most festival films have not yet found distribution, theatrical or on a streaming platform, and so I almost always answer that I don’t know when, or if, these titles I have chosen for inclusion will ever be available.

Today, as streaming picks up steam, more and more Jewish films that find a brief and bright life on the festival circuit later find their way onto a platform.

I was pleasantly surprised to discover that 40 of the films I have shown over the past eight years – one quarter – are on Amazon, many free for Prime members.

It took some sleuthing, but I find myself with a wealth of time. Here are the films I presented and discussed with you. I have asterisked my favorites, but I am inordinately fond of all of them.


Dirty Wolves (Spain/WW II/Drama)

Run Boy Run (Poland/Holocaust/Drama)

The Invisibles (Germany/Holocaust/DocuDrama

La Rafle (French/Holocaust/Historical Drama)

Son of Saul (Hungary/Holocaust/Drama)

Who Will Write Our History (US/Holocaust/Historical Documentary)

*Paradise (French/Holocaust/Drama)


*Bye, Bye Germany (German/Post-Holocaust/Comic Drama)

*1945 (Hungary/Post-Holocaust/Drama)

To Life! (German/Post-Holocaust/Interpersonal Drama)

Mr. Kaplan (Argentina/Post-Holocaust/Comic Drama)

The Testament (Israel/Post-Holocaust/Interpersonal Drama)

*Aftermath (Poland/Post-Holocaust/Thriller)


Menashe (US/Orthodox Life/Comic Drama)

Dough (Great Britain/Jewish Life & Family/Comedy)

Natasha (US/Soviet Jewry/Teen Drama)

Is That You? (US/Romantic/Interpersonal Comedy)

Fill the Void (US/Orthodox Life/Romantic Comedy)

*The Wedding Plan (US/Orthodox Life/Romantic Comedy)

Keep the Change (US/Interpersonal & Special Needs/Comic Drama)

The Burial Society (US/Interpersonal & Jewish Life/Comic Drama


*Deli Man (US/Jewish Life & Food/Documentary)

In Search of Israeli Cuisine (US/Israeli Culture/Documentary)

The Sturgeon Queens (US/Jewish Life & History/Documentary)


*AKA Doc Pomus (US/Musical Bio/Documentary

Orchestra of Exiles (US/Musical History/Documentary

*Broadway Musicals: A Jewish Legacy (US/Musical History/Documentary)

*Hava Nagila (US/Jewish Life/Documentary)

Shalom Bollywood (US/Musical History/Documentary)

Outrageous Sophie Tucker (US/Musical History/Documentary)

Defiant Requiem (US/Musical History/Documentary)


Bombshell: The Hedy Lamar Story (US/Popular Culture/Bio)

Waldheim Waltz (Austria/Anti-Semitism/Historical Documentary)

The Jewish Cardinal (US/Holocaust History/Feature Bio)

SPORTSJews and Baseball (US/Sports History/Documentary)

*Heading Home: The Tale of Team Israel (US/Israeli Sports/Documentary)


 It Is No Dream (US/Historical Bio/Documentary)

*Above and Beyond (US/Israel/Military History Documentary)

Operation Finale (US/Post-Holocaust/Historical Thriller)

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