MazelTogether and PJ Library Create Family Connector Program

MazelTogether and PJ Library Colorado are excited to partner on a new hyper-local project throughout our colorful Colorado.

MazelTogether has partnered up with PJ Library to create our Family Connector Fellowship Program.  MazelTogether (MT) is a catalyst, connector, and concierge for local families with young children in the metro Denver community to find their people, their path and their place in Jewish life. We help families who want Jewish community make connections and thrive. We understand that community is built through personalized experiences and relationships, and to make that happen, we’re trying something new!  

We are thrilled to introduce Rafi Daugherty and Yael Shalom-Ashford, your new LGBTQI+ Family Connector Fellows. In this role, Rafi and Yael will get to be the concierge, connectors and catalysts for Jewish experiences for LGBTQI+ families with young children throughout Colorado.  

They are excited to meet and welcome new LGBTQI+ parents to the community, connect families and serve as a resource for queer family connections, neighborhood programs, classes, playgrounds, playgroups, and more. Rafi and Yael can help you find existing opportunities or create your own group experience. 

They will serve as a community resource to share happenings, opportunities about all things relevant to LGBTQI+ parents with young children – Jewish, parenting and LGBTQI+ related advocacy and social events.  

About Rafi…

Rafi is a recent graduate from University of Colorado, Denver’s counseling program and he is happy to be working as a contract therapist for Queer Asterisk. Rafi is a single Abba to two wonderful children ages 4 and 1.5. Their family lives on the northwest side of Denver near Sloan’s Lake.

About Yael…

Yael lives in Denver with her wife, Amy, and her son Geffen. Yael is very passionate about sharing her Jewish traditions and values with her LGBTQ community and create a space for her family to grow.  With a career in sales, Yael makes sure to connect and talk with everyone and reassure everyone is having FUN! In her spare time, she enjoys cooking with her Geffen and teaching him Hebrew. 

Rafi recently created the Rainbow Tots Chevra Facebook group.  “Chevra” means a friend group in Hebrew/Yiddish. Rainbow Tots Chevra is a group to connect all of the Jew/Jew adjacent/Interfaith Queer families with young kids in the Denver/Boulder area. Rainbow Tots just requires that at least one immediate family member identify as LGBTQI+.  

If you or your partner identify as Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, Queer or Intersex get in touch!  We would appreciate your help spreading the word to others who would be interested in this group as we grow community and grow connections!

Get in touch with Rafi and Yael:
For more information about Rainbow Tots Chevra:

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