JEWISHcolorado Does Good on Good Deeds Day

April 9, 2019 – Denver, CO – For the last 12 years, Good Deeds Day has provided millions of people around the globe with an annual tradition of giving back and doing good.

JEWISHcolorado joined this global movement and participated in Good Deeds Day 2019 on Sunday, April 7.

“As a Jewish nonprofit, we feel it is important to give back to the community,” said Susan Chayet, co-coordinator of this project for JEWISHcolorado.

The Women’s Philanthropy Committee and JEWISHcolorado staff partnered with the Delores Project to serve lunch and dinner to their clients. The Delores Project provides safe, comfortable shelter and services for women and transgender individuals experiencing homelessness. JEWISHcolorado has an established relationship with the organization, serving their clients for several years during JEWISHcolorado’s other traditional day of giving back, the annual Christmas Mitzvah Project. Volunteers have been wanting to do more for the organization throughout the year.

“Because of our long-standing relationship with the Delores Project on our annual Christmas Mitzvah Project, this is the first charity we thought of when deciding to join Good Deeds Day. We really admire the work the Delores Project does to service the community,” Chayet said.

The JEWISHcolorado Women’s Philanthropy Committee and staff recruited volunteers to prepare fresh sandwiches, chocolate chip cookies, fruit salad and green salad for lunch. Others returned with pizza, salad and ice cream sandwiches for dinner.

“I left feeling so grateful that we were able to do such a small gesture to offer kindness and compassion to people less fortunate than ourselves,” said Lisa Mintz, Chair of JEWISHcolorado’s Women’s Philanthropy Committee.

“It was a privilege to lend a hand toward the admirable efforts of the Delores Project,” added volunteer Tracy Shapiro.

Good Deeds Day was founded in Israel in 2007 by the Ted Arison Family Foundation. That first year, 7,000 people participated in the effort throughout Israel. By 2015, 1 million people joined the cause throughout the year. The goal for the day is to demonstrate the basic concept that no matter how large or small, everyone has the ability to make the world a better place and do something that can benefit the lives of others.

The next Good Deeds Day will take place March 29, 2020.

About Joseph Dubroff

Joseph Dubroff is the Director for External Affairs for JEWISHcolorado. JEWISHcolorado provides a pathway for Coloradans to connect with their Jewish identity and values. We offer diverse, creative and inviting opportunities to embrace all Jews at every age and stage in life. Since 1946, JEWISHcolorado has offered programs and services to unite with the people of Israel and ensure a thriving and lasting Jewish community in Colorado. For more information, visit

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