David Wohl to Debut New Piece at Crypto-Judaic Conference

David Wohl will present the Martin Sosin Address to Advance Scholarship in the Crypto-Judaic Arts, including a musical performance, at the Society of Crypto-Judaic Studies Conference in Denver in June.

An established and award-winning composer and lyricist, David Wohl is also a multi-faceted and highly accomplished keyboardist in popular demand. He is the composer and arranger of several original musicals and has composed a wide variety of music for television, multimedia, and concert hall. His growing awareness of the history of the Iberian Jews awakened a desire in him to create a musical interpretation of the emotional journey from “hiddenness” to “reawakening,” as expressed in Miriam Herrera’s poem, Kaddish for Columbus. David is dedicated to exploring the crypto-Judaic narrative in musical terms, an endeavor that may lead to a growing understanding of this history for the benefit of future generations.

David Wohl

The debut of this new piece, Hiddenness and Reawakening as Musical Drama, at the conference will engage the talents of four collaborating musicians, including Lorenzo Trujillo, a 14th generation descendant from New Mexico and a noted performer in his own right and excerpts from the poetry of Miriam Herrera, a converso descendant from Texas. Also performing are Stacy LeSartre on violin, Catherine Flinchumon flute, and Daniel Masters on guitar. With special thanks to Classic Pianos of Denver for providing a baby grand piano.

The 28th annual meeting and conference of the Society for Crypto-Judaic Studies will be in Denver from Sunday, June 30 to Tuesday, July 2, 2019. More information about the conference, including schedule and registration information is here.

The Sosin Stratton-Petit Foundation is a long-standing patron of SCJS and donates annually to provide arts performances that further the public’s understanding of the crypto-Judaic journey. Their grant made this address possible.

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