JNF Bringing Israelis to Denver to Speak About Life on Gaza Border

Michal Uziyahu is Director of Community Centers for the Eshkol Region, which shares some 65 kilometers of border with Gaza she has witnessed firsthand the effects of trauma on children. Born in the Sinai community that was returned to Egypt, she is married to Amir and a mom of three. Michal has served in the IDF, as the Shlichah to the Denver Jewish community, and earned her MBA at Ben Gurion University.

Jewish National Fund (JNF-USA) is bringing three Israelis to the U.S. to put their voices to the headlines and share their personal stories of living along the Gaza border where hundreds of incendiary kites, balloons, and rockets have steadily rained down on them for months. Join us on Wednesday, August 22 at Temple Sinai (3509 S Glencoe St, Denver, CO 80237) at 6:30 pm to meet a mother, a young pioneer, and a farmer—residents of Gaza border communities—who will share their personal stories of living under attack.

“The current conditions under which those living in the Gaza border communities are living, caused by the ongoing rocket fire, incendiary kites and balloons, are incomprehensible,” said JNF Mountain States President Barbara Burry. “The personal trauma and ecological devastation they face must be brought to the forefront. We are proud that Jewish National Fund–USA is bringing residents of these communities to share what they and their families are enduring. It is so important for us to hear their stories first hand and to give our support.”

Since March 2018, terrorists from Gaza have traumatized the people living in neighboring communities along the Gaza-Israel border that has forced young children and families to seek safety in shelters. These four months have and threated both their mental wellbeing and their livelihood. Nearly 10,000 acres of farmland have been scorched, decimating the region’s agricultural economy, and there has been a massive increase in the number of individuals experiencing and being treated for Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD).

“Our brothers and sisters living on the Gaza border are strong and resilient,” said Jewish National Fund-USA CEO Russell F. Robinson. “Right now they need our support and for us to help them tell the real story of the atrocities they are facing. I am proud to bring these brave people to U.S. communities to share the truth behind the headlines and what life is really like when the terror is in your backyard.”

In the face of these recent attacks, Jewish National Fund-USA’s Gaza Envelope Task Force, a group of dedicated donors who work to raise funds and improve the lives of Israelis living on the challenging border with Gaza, has quickly mobilized to provide emergency support to the victims of terror.

It has also launched an emergency campaign to further relief efforts and support the communities affected by this terrorism. In addition to funding trauma resilience centers, the JNF Sderot Indoor Recreation Center, and animal assisted therapy in the region, the organization is planning to also add two new bomb shelters that can house 100 people each, paint 20 bomb shelters already in place to make them more child-friendly, provide three new fire trucks and nine firefighting wagons, purchase life-saving equipment, and fund special activities for children of the region.

For more information and to register, please visit jnf.org/denvertownhall.

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