Boulder, Colorado and Ramat HaNegev, Israel Form Official Sister City Partnership

Boulder, CO, September 4, 2018 – The Boulder – Ramat HaNegev Sister City Initiative is excited to share that on August 23, 2018, Boulder City Council voted unanimously to approve Ramat HaNegev, Israel, as its ninth Sister City.

At the City Council hearing, Alexis Adler, Executive Director of BoulderNegev emphasized, “Sister City relationships are about building people-to-people connections and partnerships.” They promote mutual understanding and build bridges between two communities.

“Ramat HaNegev is an agricultural oasis in the desert of Israel,” said Osnat Fox, Ramat HaNegev resident and Israel Emissary for JEWISHcolorado, at the City Council hearing. “It’s a hub for renewable energy…known for innovative water and agricultural technologies. But, most importantly, Ramat HaNegev is a diverse place where we believe in inclusivity, in coming together, building bridges, and creating dialogue to foster a better society and a better world.”

Both Boulder and Ramat HaNegev are home to thriving public universities, value educational development, share a commitment to renewable energy and the environment, and serve as centers of innovation. This sister city partnership provides a unique opportunity for the exchange of ideas, resources, cultural experiences and people-to-people relationships.

Sister Cities International describes the mission of a sister city as promoting peace through mutual respect, understanding, and cooperation – one individual, one community at a time.

“Every community grows when it is exposed to different cultures, different ways of thinking,” said Boulder City Council Member Bob Yates. “Boulder is blessed with the opportunity to learn from our brothers and sisters in Ramat HaNegev. And we will have the opportunity to increase that blessing by sharing our ideas, our culture with them.”

With the Boulder – Ramat HaNegev Sister City relationship officially recognized by Boulder City Council, Tara Winer, President of BoulderNegev said, “We look forward to building long-lasting partnerships between the innovative communities of Boulder and Ramat HaNegev.”

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