Blogger Lara Diamond Headlines Jewish Genealogy Seminar

Held annually at the Denver JCC, the All-Day Seminar on Jewish Genealogy will feature prominent Jewish genealogist, genetic genealogist, blogger, and breast cancer survivor Lara Diamond on Sunday, November 4th from 9 am to 4 pm. This event is open to the public and beginners are encouraged to attend one to four lectures including “Jewish Genealogy: Where to Start & What’s Available,” “DNA Successes In–And In Spite of—Endogamy,” “Genealogy Research in Ukraine,” and “Reconstructing Rutners: Tracing a Family through Changing Borders and Languages.”

Lara Diamond

Lara Diamond is an internationally recognized Jewish genealogist and writes “Lara’s Jewnealogy Blog” Based in Maryland, Lara frequently speaks on a variety of topics. She is on the JewishGen Ukraine Special Interest Group board of directors and is the coordinator for the JewishGen Sub-Carpathia Special Interest Group. Lara is a breast cancer survivor who attributes saving her life to taking a genealogy DNA test.

“Had I not been genealogy-obsessed, I never would have taken this test and never would have known that I had a mutated BRCA2 gene–and then I would not have had that MRI.” The MRI detected a small tumor which Lara had removed.

JGSCO has hosted the Annual All-Day Seminar featuring a prominent international speaker since 2009. It’s a great introduction to the group and hobby. Cost is $25 for JGSCO members and $35 for non-members including Kosher breakfast and lunch, and generous door prizes. Register online by October 28th at, under “PROGRAM and EVENTS” and “EVENT TICKETS.”

The Jewish Genealogy Society of Colorado is a group of hobbyists interested in researching Jewish roots. Meeting in Denver and Boulder, JGSCO offers monthly speakers on a variety of topics for beginners and experts. Membership costs $36 annually and includes mentoring to guide a beginning project or breaking through brick walls. The group is comprised of fascinating people with a variety of professional, educational, world travel, linguistic, and genealogical research backgrounds. It’s a great local network to tap into whether you have only the time to attend lectures, or if you are researching your family history full time. Attend a meeting and check JGSCO out. A program calendar is online at, and you can subscribe to free monthly Enews by contacting

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