West Bank Environmental Seminar Draws Community Interest

SIPP Community Update and Electronics Recycling Collection

Next Thursday January 19, from 7:00 to 8:30 pm at Congregation Har HaShem in Boulder, SIPP President Peter Ornstein and electronic waste expert Anne Peters of Gracestone, Inc. will update the community on their recent trip to Israel and the West Bank.  This is a free community event.  

E-Waste Burning in West Bank

Sustainable Israeli-Palestinian Projects fosters cross-cultural efforts relating to environmental and other matters affecting Israelis and Palestinians while building meaningful connections between the Boulder community and Israelis and Palestinians engaged in these efforts. Our most recent trip to the region focused on efforts relating to management of electronic waste near Hebron and water pollution in the Kidron/Nar Basin.

Ornstein and Peters conducted workshops relating to electronic waste management in the West Bank, at Al Quds University in Jerusalem, and at the Porter School at Tel Aviv University.  Ornstein noted that “there is a real opportunity to improve the environment, protect workers, and protect families in both Israel and the West Bank.”  Ornstein also visited and met with local officials regarding the development of a demonstration constructed wetlands project in Al Ubeidyeh in the Kidron Valley/Wadi Al Nar Basin.

Entrepreneurs Display Their Recycled Goods on ‘Main Street’ West Bank

SIPP will discuss plans for following up on these and other potential environmental and community-building projects in Israel and the West Bank.

SIPP has been able to bring high level expertise to the region relating to recycling and waste management.  Peters, a consultant based in Boulder with both international standards and industry contacts, has played a major role.  With Peter’s help, SIPP has established connections with the two international standards groups including SERI (R2 Standard) in Boulder.

Over the past year and a half, which included two separate visits to Israel and the West Bank, we have made extensive contacts among several key environmental interest groups and the recycling industry, up to the ministerial level, and even assisted in bringing some of those diverse contacts in the area together.  

Entrepreneurs Display Their Recycled Goods on ‘Main Street’ West Bank

Additionally, to underscore the importance of responsible management of unwanted electronics, SIPP is partnering with Techno-Rescue, a local electronics recycler with R2 Certification, so feel free to bring your old electronics for them to recycle.   

Techno-Rescue will securely delete data on laptop computers.  We suggest that attendees who bring their old electronics, including televisions (no larger than a 42 inch screen size), make a small donation to SIPP in an amount consistent with fees paid to electronics recycling centers.

Please join us on January 19 to learn more about this exciting collaborative and community-building story.   For more information go to www.SIPProjects.org.  An RSVP is appreciated, but not required.

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