JEWISHcolorado Calls for Applications for 2017 Young Women’s Scholarships

Funded by restricted funds of JEWISHcolorado

Created by the families of Linda Fenner z”l and Becky Topelson z”l

Who is eligible?

Jewish women between the ages of 21 and 45 who are Colorado residents and have been identified as leaders or as having leadership potential in the Jewish community. Previous recipients of a grant from the Linda Fenner or Becky Topelson Young Women’s Scholarship Funds are not eligible to reapply.

Which programs receive subsidies?

The scholarships may be used to subsidize for the cost of a young adult program, mission to Israel, national Jewish non-profit conference, or any other Jewish program.  The focus of the program should be on leadership development and not professional development.  The program should meet the following criteria:

  • Teach leadership skills
  • Contain creative and interactive elements where Jewish women can network

Click here for a list of Program examples

How much scholarship money is available?

  • Linda Fenner Scholarship through JEWISHcolorado is allowed to distribute $5,000 annually; however, no one person may receive more than $2,500.  Full or partial funding may be awarded.  The scholarship may only be used to subsidize the registration fee for the program—not the hotel or airfare.
  • Becky Topelson Scholarship through JEWISHcolorado is allowed to distribute $1000. Full or partial funding may be awarded.  The scholarship may only be used to subsidize the registration fee for the program—not the hotel or airfare.

Application process:

Applicants must complete the attached application and submit it with a copy of the completed event registration form, event brochure or other documentation. Applications will be reviewed by the Young Women’s Scholarship Fund Committee.  The committee is comprised of JEWISHcolorado professionals and volunteers, including the current Chair of Women’s Philanthropy and the Chief Development Officer.


Apply Now!

Due Dates:

  • Applications are due by Monday, August 21
  • Decisions will be made week of September 4

Payment of Scholarship Funds:

The scholarship check will be made payable directly to the program, without exception, and mailed to the program directly.  The dollars must be used within one year of receiving the scholarship for the approved program.

Follow up:

The applicant must submit a written report to JEWISHcolorado’s Young Women’s Scholarship Fund Committee within 30 days of attending the program.  The report should describe the participant’s expectations before the program, and what they learned or took away from the experience.

Questions?  Contact Sarah Langert, Women’s Philanthropy Director, at 303-316-6459 or email

About Joseph Dubroff

Joseph Dubroff is the Director for External Affairs for JEWISHcolorado. JEWISHcolorado provides a pathway for Coloradans to connect with their Jewish identity and values. We offer diverse, creative and inviting opportunities to embrace all Jews at every age and stage in life. Since 1946, JEWISHcolorado has offered programs and services to unite with the people of Israel and ensure a thriving and lasting Jewish community in Colorado. For more information, visit

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