SIPP Soiree Saturday

Join us for our year-end party on Saturday, December 9, 2017, from 7:00 to 9:00 pm with food, drink, schmoozing, and learn how you are supporting our efforts. At the home of Robert and Tara Winer, with music by Sheldon Sands!

Partner with us to fund our work with the Kidron Valley Project in Jerusalem and the West Bank, and with Bedouin and Jewish communities in the Negev.

Learn with us about SIPP projects:

Kidron/Nar Basin:
Constructed Wetlands demonstration project adjacent to two schools; “walking the wadis” to identify additional treatment optons to protect the Mar Saba Monastery.

Electronic Waste Management:
Training and support for developing environmentally sustainable electronic waste practces in Israel and the West
Bank; joint refurbishment training; educaton center in Idhna.

Additional Anticipated Projects:
School Pairing: Pair Arab and Jewish schools in the Nazareth area with a high school science class in Boulder.

Internship in Boulder: Identify a candidate from the West Bank to spend several weeks in Boulder at EcoCycle
learning about US waste and recycling processes to bring back to the intern’s community.

Recycling Program: Involve schools near the Al Menya landfill in a recycling educaton program.

Environmental Educaton: Partner with Colorado State University and the Arava Insttute to develop an environmental transboundary class.


“The only way peace will ever be achieved in Israel and Palestine will be alongside sustainable development to ensure prosperity for everyone. Help SIPP create a brighter future in the Holy Land,” – Amitai Gross, SIPP Board Member

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About Sid Fox

Sid Fox renewed his interest and study from his Hebrew School days (where he was inspired by Deborah Pessin's insightful series 'The Story of the Jewish People') when he read James Michener's "The Source". Sid eventually taught a two semester Sunday class for adults at their home when their children were at Sunday School. It was based on 15 years study of the Bible, the three hundred years of modern research and Biblical Archaeology areas he continued to pursue as he branched out to Shakespeare, the Classics and other interests.

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