Adventure Rabbi Kids – Open Enrollment

Registration for Adventure Rabbi Kids, or ARK as our students and teachers lovingly call it, is now open for the 2017-2018 school year, and we want your family to be a part of it!


As we plunge into our 7th year, we delve into a world of learning that involves hands-on exploration, critical thinking that pushes our ideas and imaginations to the limit, and a focus on bringing each other together as a loving and caring community.

We make sure our families are armed with as much information as possible, so that conversations and ideas that come up in ARK can be continued at home with the entire family. Because of this, we e-mail out our lesson plan after each class! Gone are the days of asking your child “so, what did you do today?” and getting the dreaded response “stuff.” Now all parents can ask critical questions about specific activities which fosters continual learning, brings families together around their Judaism, and encourages wonderful conversations. We want to make sure you have these opportunities, so don’t wait – register your child for ARK today before our classes fill up!

If you want to explore ARK, but are not sure if it will be a good fit for your family, we offer an insurance package, which will allow you to be reimbursed for any classes not yet attended at any time during the year. Fortunately for us, but unfortunately for our wait list, families who take the leap find that our monthly class schedule, fun programming, and reasonable class times are such a great fit that they end up staying for that year and come back for many more! Why not follow their lead and give our program a try? There’s nothing to lose, but your family could end up finding the educational experience for your child that you always hoped for.

To read more about our innovative program, see our schedule, and learn about our teachers, please follow this link:

For additional information, or to ask specific questions, please contact our Director of Education, Elaine Barenblat, at or by phone at 720.410.8395

We are so excited for another year of amazing learning adventures and hope you’ll join us!

About Elaine Barenblat

Elaine hails from San Antonio Texas, but has been fortunate enough to live all over the United States. While she has a degree in Early Childhood and Special Education, her work with the Adventure Rabbi Congregation in Boulder, CO focuses around Jewish Education for students in grades 1-6, B'nai Mitzvah training, teen programming, and hosting events for 20s and 30s. She's found her forever home nestled in the Foothills, and she hopes to meet you around town soon!

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