Letter: Time to Focus on Coming Together and Moving Forward

DENVER, Colo.— The debate on the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA) agreement between the P5+1 nations and Iran has been thorough and intense. While the last several months have seen divisions over the Iran issue, we also must remember one thing on which the Administration, Congress, the Jewish community and indeed the American people all agree: Iran must never acquire a nuclear weapon.

The long-term challenge of preventing a nuclear Iran is just beginning. America and our allies need to closely monitor Iran’s compliance of the accord and be prepared to act quickly and decisively against any Iranian violations.

This agreement adds a new variable to an already unstable and unpredictable Middle East. A strong U.S.-Israel relationship is more important than ever to both nations as we confront these challenges. Strengthening the spirit of the relationship, deepening strategic cooperation and supporting Israel as it reexamines its defense needs in light of the agreement are important next steps.

At the same time, it is critical at the local, state and national levels to reduce and eliminate the divisiveness and partisan politics that these issues have created. The goal is to move forward maintaining civil and respectful dialogue.

There is much work that remains to be done. Iran continues to violate the human rights of its people, to destabilize the region and to sponsor terrorism.

In that light, The Jewish Community Relations Council (JCRC) will continue to:

  1. Strongly oppose a nuclear capable Iran.
  2. Advocate for strong public pressure on Iran for its role in fomenting state-sponsored terrorism and its egregious domestic and international human rights record;
  3. Support the creation of a comprehensive strategy to deter the spread of Iranian funding or other material support to terrorist groups;
  4. Work actively to restore bipartisan support for Israel in Colorado as bipartisan support is critically important for Israel’s long-term security;
  5. Act alongside our Congressional delegation to increase Israel’s qualitative military advantage and capability through the sharing of defensive military technology;
  6. To be a lead voice and work to mobilize our community against the de-legitimization (BDS) movement in Colorado which remains a major and growing challenge.

It is time to focus our energies towards working together across political and ideological divides. We must stand united in order to prevent a nuclear-armed Iran and keep our ally, Israel, assured of her safety and security.

Ben Lusher -Chair, JCRC

Doug Seserman -President & CEO, JEWISHcolorado

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