2015 Shir Aviv Opens Har HaShem Jubilee

Rocky Mountain Jewgrass performs at Shir Aviv. Photo by Gary Fifer, Congregation Har HaShem.

Congregation Har HaShem, Boulder’s Reform congregation, began celebrating its 50th Jubilee with its second annual Shir Aviv Spring Music Festival Sunday night.  Rocky Mountain Jewgrass headlined the musical portion of evening, and they were preceded by a live auction and a live performance by Har HaShem’s House Band, Or Zimrah.

The evening also featured a tribute and thank-you to interim senior Rabbi Mark Glickman, who has served in that capacity since Rabbi Josh Rose left Boulder for Portland last year, and is set to be succeeded by a new senior Rabbi, Fred Greene, who will be taking over in July.  Har HaShem President Barry Baer presented Rabbi Glickman with a book of John Fielder’s Colorado photographs and thanked him for his service, including his teachings and sermons.  Rabbi Glickman responded in-kind, thanking the congregation and reminding them that he still has two months of teaching yet to go!  A filmed tribute followed, along with a standing ovation from those in attendance.

Executive Director Gary Fifer reported that the evening’s efforts raised over $70,000 towards Har HaShem’s mission of being “an inclusive, welcoming community that inspires and supports lifelong Jewish journeys of learning, spirituality and Jewish practice.  We are inspired by our tradition to care for one another, our community and our world.

Stay tuned for other opportunities during the next 12 months as the congregation celebrates 50 years since its founding. Congratulations to Har HaShem, and Rabbi Glickman.

Photos from the event: (if your browser doesn’t display the slide show, click on this link.)

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