Elul Musings

Shofar and PomsWe have just begun the month of Elul. The Alter Rebbe (the first Chabad Master) gives a parable to describe the month of Elul, a king returning to his city and the people that live in the city come out to the fields to welcome the king.  At this welcoming, the king is in very good spirits and is accessible to all and shows a smiling face to all. In the month of Elul, the King of Kings, G-d Almighty is accessible and is smiling to us all.

There is a tradition that the month Elul is an acronym for “Ani l’dodi v’dodi lee” — I am to my Beloved (G-d) and my Beloved is to me.  Because this deeply relates Elul’s theme. Elul is the time to find that yearning within. That’s why it’s traditional to blow the shofar every day of Elul; the pristine call of the shofar reflects the soul’s cry for meaning.

This month is known as the month of change where we are given the inspiration and fortitude to change and  become in tune to our deepest selves. And reach our full potential and the potential for the upcoming year.

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About Rabbi Pesach Scheiner

Rabbi Pesach Scheiner is the Rabbi of Boulder County Center for Judaism. In addition, he teaches extensively throughout Boulder County and is the author of "Finding the Joy in Everyday Living," a book of short chapters explaining the ways to access happiness through appreciation, gratitude, and a sense of purpose.

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