Early Sunday morning eating a hearty Israeli breakfast

Beth Ami Hosts IsraAID

Early Sunday morning eating a hearty Israeli breakfast
Early Sunday morning eating a hearty Israeli breakfast

We were honored to host four members of IsraAID brought to Colorado by Allied Jewish Federation to help flood victims. IsraAID, founded in 2001, is a non-profit, non-governmental organization committed to providing life-saving disaster relief and long term support throughout the world.

Vani, Mickey, Rami, and Gilad arrived at the airport, rented a car, and drove to the Boulder Office of Emergency Management. Their hope was to quickly connect with people who needed help.
Fox 31 interviewed Vani at a home in Longmont on Sunday. IsraAID was supported by more than 50 Federation volunteers .

Rami and Gilad cut grasses for lulav
Rami and Gilad cut grasses for lulav

Earlier that morning, Rami and Gilad helped me cut grasses for Beth Ami’s locally grown lulav. Our four species are Pampas grass, willow, blue asters, and lemon cucumbers. At our Sukkot celebration outside Countryside Recreation, 10470 Oak, Westminster, we featured local and organic foods and had Jewish Cultural School students introduce Maurice Sendak, his family, and many “wild things” to our community. Maurice Sendak is the 2013 Humanist role model for the Society for Humanistic Judaism.

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