Why Sage-ing?

“You are not old enough to teach Sage-ing” somebody told me the other day. “This is exactly the point” I said, “you want to know how to be in the second half of your life before or when you enter it, not towards the end of it.” (Although it’s never too late.) We do not like to think of ourselves as ‘old’ this happens to others not to us. We tend to otherize older people, using phrases like bobe maises or alte kake, completely ignoring the Jewish dictum from “Pirkei Avot:” “V’Hadarta Pnai Zaken” (Beautify the face of a Zaken). You see, in our tradition a “Zaken” is a wise person, a sage. It used to be cool to be a Zaken or Zekena.

We are so fortunate now in Boulder, to be able to experience Spiritual Eldering programs based on Reb Zalman’s book “From Age-ing to Sage-ing.” One of this programs is Joy of Sage-ing – Acquiring a Heart of Wisdom that will be offered at the end of this month. So search in your heart and see if you want to change the way you perceive your growing old, embrace life and live your elder years more consciously, more joyfully, and more compassionately.

This program is appropriate for all who want to gain deep meaning in the aging process, people of all ages, professionals working with elders, and clergy for their own eldering and for those they serve.

Seven Sundays, 4:30 pm  – 6:30 pm, beginning January 29 to March 11, 2012
To find out about location and price, E-mail: ori.har@comcast.net or call 303-440-1024

The program is led by Rabbi Ori Har DiGennaro and is co-sponsored by Center for Spiritual Friendship, Haver Rabbinical Council, Boulder JCC’s Maimonedes Wellness Center and Fully Alive Medicine – A Holistic Wellness Center.

About Ori Har DiGennaro

Rabbi Ori Har received ordination as Mashpi'ah Ruchanit, Sage-ing Mentor and Rabbi from ALEPH - Alliance for Jewish Renewal. She co-founded and directs the Center for Spiritual Friendship in Boulder - an interfaith center for Hashpa'ah in many forms. She serves as a spiritual director for individuals, and groups, as well as leading Sage-ing workshops. Reb Ori is also a practitioner of Embodied Torah and devotional dance, and is on faculty in The Embodying Spirit Training Program. Ori has been an adult educator of Biblical Hebrew, Torah and meditation for over twenty years, and is the author of "God Speaks Here and Now: A Guide for Living." A native of Israel now living in Boulder, CO, Reb Ori is married, has two children, two step-children and is a Savta of two grandchildren. Visit our website www.conscious-learning-community.com

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