Menorah Holds Successful “New York” Party; Honors Shneer

Menorah’s “New York, New York” event Sunday night in Boulder had all the hallmarks of a great party — good food and drink, a large turnout, and a short, fun program, followed by dancing and general merry-making.  A typical night out in New York!   Cosmos were the drink of the evening, and the food honored all the best Jewish neighborhood food of New York: Chinatown, Little Italy, and deli.  They even made egg cremes on request, and dessert included black and whites, rugula, and what else: New York Cheese Cake.

Professor David Shneer, Singer Chair in Jewish History at CU. (Photo by Glenn Asakawa/University of Colorado)

The night’s honoree, Professor David Shneer of the Jewish Studies Program at the University of Colorado, Boulder, spoke on the theme of “gratitude,” with love and some awe about coming to CU and becoming a part of the Jewish Community here… including partnering with Menorah on their MoVeRs programs over the last three years.  Shneer also mentioned the large number of students currently enrolled in CU’s Jewish Studies program — 700 — and that his department chair, Professor David Boonin, was making progress in promoting Jewish Studies from a certificate program to a full major program.

Jerry Pinsker ran a New-York-style Heads-or-Tails game, Kathryn Bernheimer showed a montage of famous New York film clips, and Boulder Jewish Community Center Executive Director Jonathan Lev, as a CU graduate, proudly introduced Professor Shneer and  invited everyone to the BJCC’s special event on November 2nd.  The evening concluded with dancing into the night.

Here are pictures from our coverage of the event:

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