Fresh Faces Honored by Boulder JCC

Molly and Adam Sirkus

Molly and Adam Sirkus, who are being honored as “Rising Stars” at Reflections, represent the new face of the Boulder JCC. Part of an inspiring generation of young families who are taking leadership roles in the community, Molly and Adam have created a Jewish life for their family through their active involvement in the Boulder JCC.

Adam is the Boulder JCC board president, and Molly has been involved in the Reflections planning committees and the BJCC Preschool. Together they have made friends and created a social life that revolves around the other families they have met through the BJCC. At the same time, while raising three young children, they have devoted their time, energy and skills to making the BJCC a vibrant organization that serves the needs of the entire Jewish community.

Humbled by being honored at the BJCC’s fundraiser, both Molly and Adam say they are simply acting on the values they were both taught by their parents and grandparents.

We were taught these values and we want to pass them on to our kids,” Molly says. “It’s our responsibility as Jews to do our part.”

What’s the alternative?” Adam asks rhetorically. “The success of all Jewish communities plays a role in the success of Jewish life around the world.”

Growing up in Glens Falls, New York, Adam’s family belonged to a Reform synagogue, where he had his Bar Mitzvah and was confirmed. The nearest JCC was 50 miles away, but he attended a predominantly Jewish summer camp and went on a high school trip to Israel, as did Molly.

Molly grew up in a small but very tight-knit, active, multi-generational Southern Jewish community where, she says, “everyone is involved with everything – JCC, Federation, Hadassah, synagogue. If you are Jewish you do it all.”

Molly and Adam met in Atlanta, where Adam worked in investments and Molly attended graduate school. When they moved to Boulder, Molly and Adam observed the holidays in their home and began to look for Jewish community. Molly enrolled their first child, Anna, in Play and Learn (PAL) and Shalom Baby classes, and then in the BJCC Preschool.

“It just so happened that the Preschool was at the JCC and so that was our introduction to Jewish life in Boulder, other than what I was creating in my home,” Molly explains. “Most of our friends are Preschool families.”

Adam adds that even beyond preschool, the children and their families stay connected with the community they have created. There’s a reason, he says, so many young families are embracing the Boulder JCC, where families can explore Jewish life.

There are different ages of kids we do things with,” Molly continues. “We are creating the community we want to raise our kids in. We’re not very religious but Adam and I both have a passion for Judaism and want to do what we can for our own community.”

Adam was invited to join the JCC board by the JCC’s development director three years ago and has been president for the past two years.

I didn’t seek it out,” he admits. “But every Jewish individual has to own Judaism. There are many ways to do that. I’m trying to help the best way I can, and I encourage everyone else to do that.”

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