Celebrate Purim this Spring Break

Purim is consistently one of the largest Jewish events at CU.  But, what should the CU Jewish community do when Purim falls during spring break?  Here are the top 5 places to party on Purim this spring break!

1.     Denver- Retro Purim at the Curtis Hotel

Spending spring break in Denver or Boulder?  Don’t miss Chabad’s hip, funky, retro-themed hotel party.  The evening will include a full Megillah reading at 8:00 p.m., followed by a live Klezmer quartet, drinks of all types, Purim treats and board games.  The event is located at 1405 Curtis Street in Denver.

2.     Vail- Purim Brewery

Spending Purim on the slopes? Don’t miss a selection of Colorado Mountain Brewery’s unique and handcrafted beers. Enjoy a night of L’chaims you don’t want to miss. Also enjoy a selection of desserts and crafts. The event is located on 1000 Lionridge Loop in Vail.

3.     California- Purim Party with West Coast Chabad on Campus

Heading West? Don’t miss seven campus Chabad’s joint Purim party! Don’t miss this mega Purim party! The event is at Chabad of Westwood, 741 Gayley Avenue in Los Angeles! It starts at 9:00 p.m.

4.     New York- Purim in Hawaii

Heading East?  Don’t miss a hula and hora night in New York.  Enjoy exotic hair braiding, tropical fruit smoothies and a masquerade with prizes.  The festivities start at 8:00 at 37 West 65th Street, 5th floor.

5. Cancun- Purim in the Circus

Spending Purim in Cancun? Don’t miss Purim in the Circus. This event takes place on Sunday, March 20 in the B2B Hotel, Grand Party Room. Don’t miss a 4:00 p.m. Megillah reading, followed by a circus show and feast to follow. $50 Peso per person.

Purim starts Saturday, March 19. For more Purim parties, visit http://www.jewishspringbreak.com.

About Sara Fruman

Sara Juliet Fruman is the first Boulder Jewish News intern and is also social media outreach editor for CUIndependent.com. She's originally from the suburbs of New York City, and she's a Yankee fan. She's a social media and new media enthusiast. Sara is a proud Zionist and Jew. She's obsessed with music, especially the Beatles. She's also interested in pop culture and comedy. In her free time, she likes to ski, read, write and relax with friends. Follow her on Twitter: @CUJewishBuffs, @cuindependent and @sarajuliet.

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