BJCC, AJF Host IDF and BRI for YA at BB

The Boulder JCC and Allied Jewish Federation hosted two officers from the Israeli Defense Forces, along with a senior executive with Birthright Israel at a Young Adult happy hour at the Bitter Bar Thursday night.  About 45 people came out to meet Lt. Ori and and Capt. Adi as well as hear from Art Paikowsky, a senior vice president with Birthright who has been with the organization from its beginnings.

Lt. Ori is a 23-year-old drone operator in the Israeli Air Force from Rosh Ha’ayin near Tel Aviv.  Ori started flight school and then moved to the 200th Squadron which is responsible for unmanned aerial vehicles.  During his free time, Ori enjoys traveling around Israel with his friends.  He will finish his Army service next year.  Ori joined a Birthright Israel trip in 2008 and remembers the excitement of the Bar Mitzvah of one of the participants on the top of Masada.

Capt. Adi is a 24-year-old from Tel Aviv who is doing her Army service in Mafat, the Israeli Defense Resarch and Project Agency.  Her job is to develop anti-missle systems for the Israeli Air Force.  Adi has made a nine-year commitment to the IDF.  When not on the job, Adi enjoys swimming, running, hiking and roller skating and also volunteers with an organization that tutors high school kids from distressed neighborhoods.

(Both officers requested that their last names not be published.)

Art talked about the early days of Birthright and the phenomenal growth of the program in the last ten years, as well as their partnership with the IDF in staffing the trips.

Thanks to Strategic Resources for sponsoring this Happy Hour, including an open bar period.

Be sure to watch for information on Jews, Brews and Start-up Gurus, this month’s Third Thursday Young Adult Happy Hour next Thursday night.  This special edition is so named as part of Boulder Start-up Week next week.

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