Fall Classes at Bonai Shalom

Our mission is to develop a program of Adult Education for Congregation Bonai Shalom composed of a broad range of classes that reflect the diverse interests of our community. These programs build community, educate and inform our members, and promote the continuation of Jewish tradition and learning from generation to generation.

Important note: Please register for classes at least four days before it begins, if possible. To register or for more information please e-mail adulted@bonaishalom.org or call the synagogue office at 303-442-6605.  All classes are at Bonai Shalom unless indicated.

1. Days of Awe: Standing Before the King
September 15 7:30 pm – 9:00 pm

During the Days of Awe, there is much emphasis on Yirat Hasehm, the awe of God; yet what does that mean, and how does the imagery of this season best serve us? Pre-registration NOT required for this class.
Taught by Rabbi Marc Soloway.

2. Series on the Five Megillot – #1, with Moreh Yehudis Fishman
Tuesday, September 28 Noon, in the Sukkah

Suggested Donation: members – $5, non-members – $10
This Sukkot, our study will focus on the Midrashic and Chassidic perspectives on Kohelet or Ecclesiastes, as well as its connection to this time of the year and personal relevance to our lives. Pre-registration NOT required for this talk.

3. Talmud Lunch and Learn
October 7, December 9 & 16 12:00 pm – 1:00pm

Meet with Rabbi Marc in the Bet Am; bring a kosher ‘brown bag’ lunch if you’d like, as we study and discuss a portion of Talmud each week. We are continuing our study of Tractate Megillah. Newcomer’s welcome! Pre-registration NOT required for this class.

4. Intuitive Trope Class
Weekday at Noon Contact adulted@bonaishalom.org for which day
Suggested Donation: Members – $5, Non-members – $10
Intuitive Trope is a simple and practical method for learning to chant Hebrew scriptural text. We will use a three-step method for mastering the names of the musical signs and their Torah melodies. We will also cover the history and intuitive purpose of scriptural chant. This class requires basic Hebrew reading fluency, and is appropriate for both novice and advanced chanters. A Torah Trope CD will be available for a nominal fee. Taught by Janine Starr.

5. Classical Music Appreciation With an Emphasis on Jewish Composers
Six Wednesdays, October 13 – December 1, no class Oct. 20 or Nov. 24 7:30 pm – 9:00 pm

Suggested donation: Bonai Shalom members, $10 a class or $54 for the series
Non-members, $15 a class or $72 for the series
This session class will teach the classical music lover how to listen to your favorite classical works, with a greater level of understanding.  Specific forms the great composers used will be explained along with some basic theory.  Then, specific Jewish composers will be discussed in detail.  You will have the chance to not only learn about their works, but about the social circumstances in which they composed and how their religion and the politics of the time impacted the music.  Each class will include lecture, discussion, guided listening, and even a few live performances.

Jason Rosenholtz-Witt, a double bassist who has been playing for 15 years, will teach this class.  Currently, he is working on a Master’s degree in Music Performance at Colorado State University where he is a graduate teaching assistant.  Mr. Rosenholtz-Witt has performed with the Ft. Collins Symphony, Greeley Philharmonic, Cheyenne Symphony, and Steamboat Springs Orchestra.
6.  Hebrew Aleph-Bet: Revealing the Power of Words
12 Weeks: Oct. 21, Nov. 4 & 18, Dec. 2, Jan. 6 & 13, Feb. 3 & 17, March 3 & 24, April 7 & 28
6:45 pm – 8:00 pm

Suggested Donation: Entire series: $108, paid in full by first class
Single class: Members – $12, Non-members – $15
In this class we will take a look at the multi-faceted mysteries of the Hebrew Alphabet, in terms of their meanings, shapes, numeric significance and energetic qualities, especially as they relate to Hebrew words and Hebrew names. We will examine two letters a week, and you will emerge with a profound respect and understanding for these letters, which form the spiritual DNA of Judaism. Taught by Morah Yehudis Fishman.

7. Hashpaah – Spiritual Direction Introductory Talk
Thursday, October 7 6:45 pm – 8:15 pm

In this introductory talk on the value of Hasphaah, Rabbi Ori Har will speak to the benefits of spiritual direction groups as a path for harvesting the fruits of our High Holiday work. Pre-registration is NOT required.

8. Hashpaah – Spiritual Direction with Rabbi Ori Har
8 months, meeting one time a month, beginning in October
Sundays, two and a half hours time TBD
Contribution: $240 for the entire series, payments possible
Spiritual Direction is a way of increasing your awareness of the divine and examining how that holy force is both drawing you closer and leading you forward in life.
Spiritual Direction enhances the relationship with the spiritual aspect of being human.
The Group is a way to meet with others while holding and creating space for the soul of each one involved in the meeting. Enrollment is limited, and commitment for the entire series is required.

9. Keeping the Love Alive: Skills for Couples
6 Mondays, October 11 – November 15, 7:00 pm – 9:00 pm

Contribution: Bonai member: $120 per couple or individual
Non-member – $180 Materials fee: $25/person
Commitment is for entire series
Facilitated by Sharon Kocina
Michele Weiner-Davis, relationship expert and best-selling author of Divorce
Busting, has designed the Keeping Love Alive® program, a proven program that
teaches you how to make your relationship great and keep it that way! You won’t have to analyze the past or dissect your problems to death. Instead, you’ll learn down-to-earth, practical skills that will allow you and your partner to communicate better and feel closer and more connected – immediately!

10. Patriarchs and Matriarchs in the Torah: re-storying Jewish narrative
3 Sundays, November 7– November 21 4:30 pm – 6:00 pm

Suggested donation: Bonai members – $7, Non-members – $10
Torah holds the master symbols, stories, and metaphors for the Jewish narrative through time. It is an unfolding map of how to build our character through Mussar work, and is a continual revelation throughout history. What seems like stories of yester year can indeed be reframed through the stories of our own life. In this series, we will review the stories of our 3 Patriarchs and 4 Matriarchs, to better understand the righteous nature of our ancestors and how to apply these life lessons to today.
Taught by Maggid Charna Rosenholtz

Coming in January: Read Hebrew America – a Beginner’s Hebrew class

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