Effie Eitam, former Israeli Knesset member, will be speaking at CU Thursday afternoon.

Effie Eitam at CU Thursday

Former Israeli Knesset Member on the Road with JNF

Effie Eitam, former Israeli Knesset member and now a consultant and advisor on infrastructure and energy matters in Israel and overseas, will address students and faculty at the University of Colorado Boulder this Thursday, January 28, 2010, at 5:30 pm in the Aspen Room in the UMC (UPDATED at 4PM Thursday!). He will cover such topics as the nuclear threat of Iran, the morality and ethics of Israel, the advocacy skills and historical knowledge needed to make the case for Israel, the story of the raid on Entebbe, and more.

Colorado is one of the first stops in a three-week sweep Eitam is making of college campuses as a speaker for Caravan for Democracy (CFD), an initiative of Jewish National Fund (JNF) and Media Watch International, that drives constructive dialogue on college campuses throughout the U.S. by bringing different speakers from Israel to discuss the issues affecting Israel, how it is covered in the media, and its unique role as the only democracy in the Middle East.

Eitam will return to the U.S. again in the spring and travel to the Midwest. His first trip in the fall was most successful.

Fifteen students of mine attended the event,” wrote in a faculty member from one of the universities that hosted Eitam in the fall. “They all raved about it. One said that the event gave her a great sense of Jewish pride. To me this is the ultimate success. Another said that it made her want to be pro-active.”

Said one student: “I just wanted to thank you once again for coming to Purchase. Your lectures were thought-provoking and touching. Whatever job I have one day, I want to make sure that it entails advocating for Israel. Thank you for your inspiration and powerful words of wisdom.”

Since 2002, the highly successful CFD has visited nearly 100 campuses and communities across the U.S. and sponsored 267 programs. Past speakers include Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, President Shimon Peres and other noted politicians and journalists. Speakers look to engage Jewish students, Israel activists, campus student leaders, campus administration, and faculty in interactive and in-depth discussions.

Effie Eitam’s story is the story of Israel,” said Rabbi Eric Lankin, D.Min. JNF’s Chief of Institutional Advancement and Education. “His voice is authentic and represents an important segment of Israeli society. As he is articulate and insightful, he is a tremendous teacher on American college campuses about the challenges that Israel faces with its neighbors.”

As a member of the 17th Knesset from the National Union Party, Effie Eitam served in various ministerial positions and was a member of the Foreign Affairs and Defense Committee. Prior to entering politics, Brigadier General Eitam had a long and distinguished career in the IDF. He was the last commander to successfully face Hezbollah, he commanded the Golani Brigade during the Entebbe rescue operation, and was awarded the Medal for Distinguished Service as a young officer during the Yom Kippur War.  Eitam lives in Ramat Hagolan with his wife and has eight children and two grandchildren.

For more information, contact Amelia Whitman at 512-771-0625 or awhitman@jnf.org.

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