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The Jewish Courts That Judged Jews Accused of Nazi Collaboration

Jewish police arrest alleged Jewish Nazi collaborator

Shepsl Rotholc was a famous champion Jewish boxer in Poland in the 1930s. In 1941, two years after the Germans invaded, he became a policeman in the Warsaw Ghetto, helping to maintain order and enforce Nazi orders. Was Rotholc guilty of collaborating with the Nazis? Did he have any other choice? Should he be considered a hero for trying to save his family? These were the kinds of questions considered by a special "Jewish honor court" that tried Rotholc in 1946 for aiding the Nazis.

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When the Nazis Hosted the Olympics

Award-winning historian and biographer Oliver Hilmes’ new book "BERLIN 1936: Sixteen Days in August" (Other Press Hardcover) traces the events of the 1936 Berlin Olympics, a sporting and entertainment event that marked a paradigm shift in modern European politics.

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