Integrative Physical Therapist

$ 225.00

Dr. Madelyn Lamar Altman is a Doctor of Physical Therapy that can treat conditions from your head to your toes and everything in between, because she has training in all areas of Physical Therapy with additional specialized training in Pelvic Health. This allows her to treat everything from neck and shoulder pain to pelvic floor dysfunction. Dr. Madelyn believes that all people deserve to feel empowered on their journey to optimal health, and she provides a nurturing, collaborative space where the patient can feel seen, heard, and understood.

Dr. Madelyn’s practice is integrative – what does that mean? It means that Dr. Madelyn takes an extensive history and uses her knowledge of functional medicine, frequency medicine, the human body, and the human condition to see YOU as the magnificent being that you are, instead of just a person with knee pain, back pain, or pelvic pain. Instead of seeing only the pain, Dr. Madelyn strives to answer the why – She focuses on getting to the root cause of dysfunction by providing customized, whole person care with Physical Therapy which allows you to reach your goals faster and feel better!

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