24 Pk. L'eggs Everyday Tights Size: S

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$ 125.00

Perfect for Jewish Females who uses hosiery/legging daily. perfect for the cold days a head.
this is a Bulk deal. I have enormous stock these tights/hosiery in various sizes to fit every women size.
Made in USA!! Perfect for the cold weather ahead.
Bulk deal, You will never have to buy pantyhose’s or tights again for a long time (this deal gives you 48 pieces of comfy and warming tights/Leggings/pantyhose’s).
Color is black Semi-Opaque.
24 packages, Each individual package contains 2 of Everyday Semi-Opaque Tights - Size A (Small - other sizes are available), Style: 14503.

L'eggs Everyday Semi-Opaque Tights - 2 Pair Package, Style 14503

* Size A (Small - other sizes are available)
* Color: Black, Semi-Opaque Sheer Toe
* Enjoy the classic fit of L'eggs hosiery-everyday
* Perfect for today's more casual wardrobes
* Your favorite style and the comfort of L'eggs hosiery
* 2 Pair Package
* Style 14503

In the box: 24 brand new sealed packages.
Each pack: 2 pairs of women’s black tights
Total : 48 individual women’s tights.

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