Walk in Solidarity This Sunday for Hostages Held 198 Days

Sunday, April 21st, marks the 198th day since 240 hostages were kidnapped from Israel and taken to Gaza. Over 130 of them, some of whom are American citizens, still remain captive there. The local Boulder chapter of Run For Their Lives (part of the larger Bring Them Home Now initiative) has been walking in downtown Boulder every week. There are multiple groups like ours meeting internationally and across US cities (including a local Denver chapter).

Our group meets at 1 pm on the corner of Pearl & 8th and walks the length of the Pearl Street Mall and back, stopping at the courthouse for a brief video that the leads of Run For Their Lives include in their weekly recap. The goal is to share the message far and wide (specifically via social media) that the hostages have not been forgotten. This is not a protest; it is a peaceful walk to show solidarity with the hostages and their families, and a plea for their release.

Local leaders have been invited to join us, as have local clergy. Our group currently has over 155 members.

Please contact Rachel Amaru for more information and details, or join the ongoing WhatsApp group via this link: https://chat.whatsapp.com/BlkivM1xXBr2QzsETMBZTu

When: Sunday, April 21st at 1 pm
Meet-up: Corner of Pearl & 8th Street

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  1. It is really important to Israeli morale and for freeing the hostages for groups around the world to continue this support work. We are at risk of the hostages being forgotten. And now, you are the leaders. I cannot imagine another mass hostage crises such as this, where "local leaders" and "local clergy" would not show up. Thank you for your holy work.