Help Bring October 7 Survivor Family to Boulder
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Help Bring October 7 Survivor Family to Boulder

by Ira Leibtag

My brother in Canada told me of a man he met on a recent trip to Israel names Eliezer Manor. A physicist, hi-tech entrepreneur, and venture capitalist in Israel, Eliezer (78 years old) is a force of nature. He manages a family-run philanthropic fund providing scholarships to disadvantaged youngsters. He also founded the Hug for Hope program which touched a nerve and my heart.

After the events of October 7th, many families in Israel have suffered trauma, loss, and displacement from the Gaza Envelope due to ongoing attacks. Some lost family members, other have family who are still hostages. The Hug for Hope program aims to provide these families with a short getaway to the US, offering respite from stress and a chance to build relationships with American Jewish communities.

In Hamilton, Ontario where my brother lives, they have successfully brought three families to Canada where they had some vacation time, and met with countless community members to talk about their tragic experiences on October 7.

The program’s objectives other than providing survivors a short break is to aim to strengthen Jewish unity and bolster Jewish identity against rising antisemitism.

I kept thinking, we need to do this in Boulder! Not only do we have a wonderful, enlightened community, but we have one of the best vacation spots in the world. What a story, our visiting family will share when they return! What an opportunity to forge these kind of relationships. Especially when we are all feeling the fatigue of a 9 month old war.

Your help is needed to raise enough funds to cover the expenses of travel and perhaps a few activities. We will take them to mountains, maybe show them what a concert at Red Rocks is like. There will be community receptions to meet the family and hear their stories. From what Eliezer tells me, they ALL have stories of that day and the days following.

The program has already fostered lasting friendships and deepened solidarity with Israel
among host families. Now it’s our turn and our opportunity. We need additional funds to help make this happen.
We have a GoFundMe page at:

Please consider helping us reach our goal. We are planning on bringing this family to Boulder at the beginning of September. Feel free to reach out to me directly at 303 956 3166 or at

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