Letter: On “Vegas Style Reporting Out of Israel”

Dear editor:

Bruce Ticker is correct. (Column: Vegas Style Reporting Out of Israel, boulderjewishnews.org, September 21, 2023.) We can’t rely on American newspapers to give us accurate information on Israel. But, in this Internet Age, we shouldn’t be relying solely on printed newspapers. There are numerous sites on the Web which report on current events in Israel and carry essays on various issues concerning Israel. I’ve listed some below:

1. CAMERA – Committee for Accuracy in Middle East Reporting and Analysis

Mission | CAMERA

2. Honest Reporting| Exposing Anti-Israel Media Bias

About | Honest Reporting

3. FLAME – Facts and Logic About the Middle East

PR for Israel| Facts and Logic about the Middle East|FLAME

4. Gatestone Institute

About Gatestone Institute :: Gatestone Institute

See articles by Bassam Tawil and Raymond Ibrahim

In addition, we can subscribe to Israeli newspapers. The Jerusalem Post is an English language publication which appears online at jpost.com. There is also an international print edition which is mailed to subscribers’ homes. Although HaAretz is a Hebrew language paper, its online edition (haaretz.com) is available in English. These papers have very different perspectives. Following both of them gives the readers a broad overview of many issues concerning current developments in Israel.

People on Facebook can check out an open group (AP Monitor) which offers rebuttals to inaccuracies in reports about Israel in articles circulated by the Associated Press. Access the site at  AP Monitor Facebook Group.

Toby F. Block
Atlanta, GA

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