Letter: Harvard Travels Back to Its Nazi Future

Letter: Harvard Travels Back to Its Nazi Future

Dear Letter to the Editor:

Stephen N. Norwood in “The Third Reich in the Ivory Tower: Complicity and Conflict on American Campuses” (2009) writes: “It is truly shameful that the administrative, alumni and student leaders of America’s most prominent university (Harvard), who were in a position to influence American political opinion at a critical time, remained indifferent to Germany’s terrorist campaign against the Jews and instead on many occasions assisted the Nazis in their efforts to gain acceptance in the West”.

For President Lawrence Bacow and Harvard University today,  it is a truly shameful deja vu all over again as  Harvard has embarked on an attempt to awash itself again  — as it did with numerous Nazi universities  — with those who celebrate antisemitism — specifically Al-Quds University near Jerusalem. 

According to a euphemistic report from the Harvard Gazette on 4/23/23:

“In a meeting with Al Quds President Imad Abu Kishek and his senior leadership, Bacow and his counterpart discussed the future of teaching and learning, the importance of nurturing innovative new business enterprises on campus, and ways in which universities contribute to the local community and community”.

Just as former Harvard  President James Conant (1933-1938) was willfully blind to the judenrein policies of the numerous Nazi universities that he aligned Harvard with, President Bacow is willfully blind to the terrorist Jew killing celebration that is Al Quds University.

In 2016 Al Quds University honored Baba Alyan, a Muslim terrorist who boarded a Jerusalem bus and murdered a 78-year-old Jewish American civil rights activist, Richard Lakin.  It was reported by Palestinian TV station, WATTAN, that Al Quds University permitted a 2500 person “chain” of students to celebrate Alyan’s jew killing.

Also one must wonder whether President Bacow visited the monument on The Al Quds University campus to the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine(PFLP), a designated terrorist organization by the United States and many other countries.  A terrorist organization that proudly celebrates its murder of many Jews.

This monument is inscribed with the names of Al Quds alumni who are killed while murdering Jews. Of course, it is continuously updated. A recent addition is Muhammad Halabi who attacked a Jewish couple in Jerusalem strolling with their infant son. Halabi stabbed all three, killing the man. He also stabbed a passerby to death.

Al Quds University also permits a campus group called “Sisters of Dahal Mughrabi” which celebrates the Muslim terrorist  who led the massacre in 1978 of 37 Jews including 13 children as well as Gail Rubin, the niece of Senator Abraham Ribicoff.

Further in aligning itself with a university that celebrates islamist terrorist jew killing in numerous ways, President Bacow desecrates the memory of those Harvard students and alumni murdered by Islamic terrorists including student Ethan Brand and his father in 1974 and alumni Harold Rosenthal in 1976.

Al Quds University ‘s support for Jew killing is made abundantly clear by the words of Dean of Students Al-Raouf  Abd Al-Sinawi. When asked by a WATTAN reporter if the university authorized monuments to jew killing terrorists, his response was “Why would we oppose it?”

Clearly President Bacow has honored President Conant’s amoral  alliances with numerous Nazi universities with his relationship with Al Quds University, an institution constantly looking for more ways to celebrate Jew killing terrorists.

Never have the following words been more apropos:

Plus ca change, plus c’est la meme chose.

Richard Sherman
Margate, Florida

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