How Your Federated $$ Are Working in Ukraine

As the Russian assault on Ukraine passes the one-month mark, and the number of refugees now exceeds 3.7 million, our global partners continue their work helping the Ukrainian people. We thank the many Coloradans who have generously supported this effort through JEWISHcolorado, and we want to provide the following details of how dollars have been put to work immediately to help those in need.

Q: When I contribute through JEWISHcolorado, how much of my gift does JEWISHcolorado keep?
A: None. Like the $1 million we raised for COVID relief, the $1 million we’ve recently raised for victims of the Marshall Fire, and now with the Ukrainian Relief Fund, 100% of these emergency funds are directed as intended – to those in need or organizations providing direct services for those in need. JEWISHcolorado takes nothing from each contribution for operations or gift processing.

Q: How is the Jewish Federations of North America (JFNA) deciding where to send money?
A: All requests are vetted and reviewed by an emergency committee made up of JFNA and oversees partners to ensure that the amounts requested are reasonable and justified, and that to the best of the organization’s information, they are not duplicative of what other organizations are doing. JFNA is committed to full transparency on what is being spent and allocated.

Q: Of the more than $25 million raised so far by Federations across the U.S., including $250,000 raised by JEWISHcolorado, what has the money been spent on?
A: As of last Wednesday, $15.5 million had been allocated for the following needs: Temporary Housing, Humanitarian Support, Transportation, Emergency Operational, Aliyah, Security, Trauma Relief, Absorption. Allocations to recipient agencies include:

  • Jewish Agency: $9,069,180
  • Joint Distribution Agency: $9,588,300
  • World ORT: $232,740
  • United Hatzalah: $ 380,000
  • Hillel International: $132,500
  • Nefesh B’Nefesh $100,000
  • Israel Trauma Coalition: $550,000
  • HIAS: $800,000
  • Hadassah Medical Org: $115,000
  • Chabad: $890,000
  • Fed. Prof. Vol. Initiative: $65,000
  • Shma Yisrael: $250,000
  • Other NGOs: $1,640,000

Q: Will Ukrainian refugees be allowed to enter the U.S.?
A: President Biden authorized the immigration to the United States of 100,000 Ukrainian refugees. In addition to lobbying on Capitol Hill for refugee relief and resettlement, Jewish Federations had catalyzed a campaign by more than 375 Jewish and interfaith groups to urge the government to admit these refugees to our country. As the United States prepares to welcome Ukrainian refugees, join Jewish Federations, the Network of Jewish Human Service Agencies, and HIAS on Tuesday, April 5 at 3:30 p.m. ET to learn how our community can begin to mobilize to welcome and support them. Register here.

Q: Where can I find out more?
A: Through our JFNA partnership, we are offering half-hour webinars twice a week, on Mondays and Thursdays, to update everyone about the rapidly evolving situation in Ukraine. To register for the entire series, click here.

We know the need for assistance continues to be urgent and monumental. Again, we are grateful to the many who continue to support the emergency work of local federations. Since JEWISHcolorado was formed 75 years ago, it has been there to help the Jewish people in times of need, and it is you who makes that possible through your sustained support.

With gratitude, 

Rabbi Jay Strear, President & CEO, JEWISHcolorado
Rob Kaufmann, Board Chair,  JEWISHcolorado

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