Shabbat on Snow is Back at Copper Mountain Resort

January 8, 2022
February 5, 2022

Adventure Rabbi’s classic event, Shabbat on Snow, is back at Copper Mountain Resort.

Meet Rabbi Jamie Korngold at the nature center, which is behind Solitude Station at 12:30 for a joyous, albeit brief (we have turns to make! No time to dally) Shabbat service.

Jewish skiers attending the Adventure Rabbi menorah lighting at Copper Mountain, 12/24/12.

How does welcoming the oasis of Shabbat into your ski day enrich your experience? Does it nourish your soul? Does it help you notice and appreciate the terrain and views?  Does it improve your powder turns? Come find out.

Shabbat on Snow was the first event we offered in 2001. Combining Shabbat and Skiing with a very brief 15-minute moment is what made our name in the world of outdoor spirituality. Come find out what all the buzz is about.

The event is free but you need a ski pass to ride the lifts.

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