College Admissions Planning – Tips During COVID-19

Here we are ending another academic year – Congratulations to all middle and high school students for what really is extraordinary given the unpredictable situation you’ve all experienced the past few months.

Many of the roads to your educational goals have curved, changed and even filled with bumps and uncomfortable detours this past year.  I don’t take the metaphor lightly – we have lots to talk about and my hats are off to all teens for navigating their academic and personal lives with grace and strength in the middle of a pandemic, school closings and social unrest within our communities. 

On top of all this, I’m sure some of you faced significant personal challenges and I wish you continued peace ahead. I would welcome the opportunity to offer support and guidance as you continue your high school experience and begin your undergraduate journey.

I know parents will agree with me when we all say we look to your generation as the shining example of hope for our future.  Each young adult is endowed with incredible talents and gifts that will guide you to your place in our community and allow you to make your impact.  Where might that be? Let’s Discuss!

College Research & Campus Visits During COVID-19?

With a few hundred academic majors and nearly 4000 undergraduate colleges, it’s very unlikely that the high school curriculum and extracurricular experiences enjoyed thus far have put all of the available and amazing options on your student’s radar.

These concerns may have been jolted as extracurricular pursuits were set to pause with COVID-19 and summer plans cancelled – all of these activities an important part of distinguishing yourself from other applicants and finding meaning and direction outside of the classroom. 

Social fit is important as each student is looking to find a “home-away-from-home” for their next four years. Is the campus inviting, inclusive and are there opportunities for ongoing social and emotional growth? This is exactly why students visit university campuses before enrolling. Your Educational and College Admissions Assessment will help you determine the criteria that are important to you.  Let me help you understand how to have an informative and meaningful campus visit when available and in the interim, how to supplement virtual visits by connecting with students and campus representatives in your major, your potential clubs and other ways to feel the “vibe” beyond a webcam.

Q & A about College Planning, COVID impact!

If you’ve been following my blog, you’ve read at least a dozen of my blog posts devoted to addressing the impact of COVID-19 on your college planning – related to courses, learning, SAT/ACT, AP exams, college visits and  staying focused. 

I recently held three separate live conversations on College Planning and COVID-19 and hope you enjoy my recent interview and discussion.   

I look forward to meeting you at your College Admissions Planning Session soon.

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