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Adventure Rabbi Kids (ARK) Offers Choice of Outdoor or Online Education

We are excited about the innovative plans we have created to make our religious school safe, meaningful, and accessible. This year, we are offering both online and in-person/outdoor options for grades 1-6.

The online school will meet the first Sunday of the month, for 1-hour, 5:00 -6:00 pm MST. Plus, we will enjoy two online Shabbat gatherings. Each lesson will include a song-session with Ari Sharfstein for the entire group and then we will split into our classroom groups for grades 1-6. Enrollment is open for the online school.

The in-person program will also meet the first Sunday of the month from 2-3:30 pm. Our small groups of 10 students will be learning outdoors. We are purchasing tent canopies for protection from the rain, snow, and intense sun. If the weather is unbearable or COVID spikes, we have online lesson plans ready to go. We have space for students in grades 1-4.  Our 5th and 6th-grade classes are full. 

COVID- adaptions include:

Outdoor classes
Moving online as COVID spikes and weather dictates
Students will be dropped off, and checked-in by staff, while parents stay in cars
Temperatures will be taken at check-in
All-school programs will not take place this year unless there is a COVID vaccine
Students will stay in their pod groups, limited to 10 students
Song sessions will necessitate increased spacing
Masks will be worn at all times
Shade tents will create shelter from sun and rain

We look forward to learning and laughing with your kids this year, either online or in-person. We know each family will make their choice based on the options that feels safest to them.

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