Maddie Makes Much of Shabbat with Mishpacha

Maddie Wittenberg recently became a Bat Mitzvah with Adventure Judaism. In this essay, she reflects on her Shabbat Project.

One of my Bat-Mitzvah requirements with Adventure Judaism’s Adventure B’nai Mitzvah Class was to try out four different Shabbat practices so that I could learn about myself and the importance of establishing Jewish traditions in my life. One practice that I liked very much was reconnecting with my grandparents on every Erev Shabbat, which is every Friday, by calling or texting. Another Shabbat custom that I liked was baking homemade Challah and creating a Shabbat dinner for my family.

The purpose of trying these various kinds of Shabbat rituals is to experience the different customs that are associated with Shabbat, and then decide which custom was the most important to me. I then was asked to practice that specific custom for another four months. Connecting and communicating with my grandparents was that special custom because I was, and still am, creating a deeper bond with them on every Shabbat.

When I spoke to my grandparents on Shabbat, we talked about our daily activities in our lives. It was also very meaningful to me because they live in Florida, and I live in Colorado. It was so special to me that no matter where I was, or how busy they were, my grandparents were always available to communicate with me so easily when I needed them, and I learned more about their daily lives. My Shabbat project taught me about learning to communicate with, and appreciate who they are as Jewish grandparents. I hope to continue this tradition for many years to come.

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