A Man’s Love for His Yiddishe Mame Sparks Inspiration for Hilarious New Cartoon

New York, NY –  Celebrating a mother’s hard work shouldn’t only be confined to Mother’s Day and YM, a new lifestyle brand based on a mother’s love, aims to remind us about all of the absurd, funny, and wonderful ways our Yiddishe Mames have impacted our lives.

For the past 20 years, advertising executive Alan Strozenberg, has documented every witty, quirky, and wise remark his Yiddishe Mame, Ruth Goldschmidt, said to him. He was so fascinated by her quips that he collected thousands of them, marking up everything from newspapers to phone bills with her anecdotes.

Strozenberg recalls a time when he was planning a trip to Europe with his now-wife, Ticiana, and upon telling his mother, Goldschmidt responded with, “Great, when are we going?”

“She’s always been overprotective,” says Strozenberg.

It was these types of ad hoc experiences that inspired him to create the first YM cartoon in 2013. The Yiddishe Mame in the cartoon is a caricature of his own mother and quickly drew an online audience of over 55,000 followers worldwide to his social media accounts @yiddishemame. Strozenberg immediately saw the strong connection that so many families had with these stories and as a result launched YM in May 2018.

YM launched with a line of products ranging from phone cases and T-shirts to oven mitts and coffee mugs that are currently sold on loveYM.com. The products display the remarks Alan collected from his mother over the years.

Strozenberg was born and raised in São Paulo, Brazil and now resides on the Upper East Side of New York City with his wife and four kids. Ultimately, his goal is to bring people enjoyment through the unified humor and wisdom that stems from a mother’s love.

“YM is based on true stories of my mom, who happened to be a Jewish mother. But YM is also Your Mom, everyone’s mom. Because what I’ve learned is no matter the culture or place in the world, it’s all about love,” says Strozenberg.

For more information, please visit loveYM.com or follow YM on social media @yiddishemame.

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