A Chabad Rabbi Walks into a Taphouse…

A Chabad rabbi walks into a Taphouse…..

Not an opening line for a good joke, but an actual event coming up this Wednesday evening when author and Chabad rabbi David Eliezrie reviews his recent book “The Secret of Chabad” at the Twenty Brew Taphouse in Westminster, November 16th (7:00-8:30 pm).

The Taphouse location will complement the light hearted Eliezrie, who in his jovial personality will walk the audience through some of Chabad’s prickly issues including its relationship with President Putin. A no holds barred Q & A will take place following the talk, along with a book signing.

Rabbi Eliezrie is visiting Denver for the JCC Denver book fair (9th Annual Neustadt JAAMM Fest) where he will be speaking on Tuesday evening. An additional talk is scheduled at the Longmont Chabad on Monday November 14th.

Tickets for this event are $10 in advance at www.TheChabadHouse.com/secret and $18 at the door.

Refreshments are included in the admission, beers are a la carte.

The Taphouse is located at 11187 Sheridan Blvd. in Westminster.

For more information please call 720-984-5805

More About “The Secret of Chabad”  – Chabad Mysteries Revealed
By Rabbi David Eliezrie

de-color“The Secret of Chabad: Inside the World’s Most Successful Jewish Movement”

You’ll love it if:  You always wanted to know the secret of the success of Chabad and were afraid to ask.

In The Secret of Chabad: Inside the World’s Most Successful Jewish Movement, Rabbi Eliezrie takes readers deep into the Chabad world, asking the crucial question about how a small Chassidic group in Brooklyn has become a Jewish powerhouse. The book reveals the inner workings of Chabad, the internal struggle in focusing a historic insular Chassidic community outwards, and its management style of entrepreneurship. It explores the inner lives of Chabad Rabbis & Rebbitzens who raise their children outside the classical religious community.

About Rabbi Eliezrie , a veteran Chabad Shliach in California, is a member of the Board of Governors of the Jewish Agency; he serves as Chabad’s “Secretary of State”. As president of the Rabbinical Council of Orange County and Long Beach, he serves on the board of the Jewish Federation of Orange County. He is active in local and national Jewish affairs. Rabbi Eliezrie serves as the Chabad’s National Laison to Jewish Federations of North America. He is a noted speaker and author.

What people are saying about the “Secret of Chabad

“I have often urged the Harvard Business School to teach the remarkable success of the Chabad movement as a case study in innovation, commitment, and determination. The Secret of Chabad is that case study written by a brilliant insider who really understands … ”

Alan M. Dershowitz
Author of Abraham: The World’s First (but Certainly Not Last) Jewish Lawyer


“David Eliezrie’s The Secret of Chabad is probably the first book by a Chabad insider – and a major one at that – telling the incredible story of what has clearly become the most dynamic Jewish force in the contemporary world … After reading the Secret of Chabad you will never see your local Chabad rabbi in quite the same way. He and his remarkable wife will be more real – and therefore, even more remarkable.”

Dennis Prager
Nationally syndicated radio talk show host, NY Times best-selling author, co-founder Prager University


“An insightful, compelling guide to Chabad, one of the great success stories in modern Jewish history. David Eliezrie has the perfect ear for the telling ancedote – and as a highly regarded Chabad insider truly understands Chabad from within. What is the Chabad secret? Read this book and you will know.”

Joseph Telushkin
Author of Rebbe: The life and Teachings of Menachem M. Schneerson, the Most Influential Rabbi in Modern History


“I have found Chabad, almost everywhere I have gone in the world. This book is the remarkable story of how a small Chassidic group reaches out to Jews all over with love and purpose. David Eliezrie takes us deep inside the Chabad world for an extraordinary view … All over the world, 4,000 Chabad shluchim are doing good deeds, educating people, taking care of children, providing opportunities to approach Judaism in a positive way. They turn up everywhere. The Secret of Chabad tells us what makes these dedicated men and women tick.”

Senator Joseph I. Lieberman


“The puzzle of the century is the phenomenon known as the Shliach. We have always marveled on how the Rebbe inspired ordinary average young men and women to a life of selfless dedication. But this book deepens our respect and admiration for Shluchim and Shluchos who alone bear the responsibility for Jewish life of today. It’s a book to read and re-read. I hope he has another book coming.”

Rabbi Manis Freidman

About Rabbi Benjy Brackman

Benjy Brackman is the Rabbi/Executive Director of Chabad of NW Metro Denver in Westminster, Colorado.

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