Paul Budoff Bar Mitzvah

f684ddfc490ea733882d7dada861cbcfa9d58351-TorahPaul has spent many hours preparing for this special day, Saturday, March 28th 2015, by reflecting on his personal values and his connection to Judaism, implementing a mitzvah project, and learning about a mitzvah hero. His parents Jon and Toni Budoff and his tutor, Sheila Malcolm, Beth Ami’s Professional Leader, have encouraged and supported his efforts.

One of Paul’s mitzvah projects, highlighting the value of Nizkor (Remembrance), is informing us of the Wounded Warrior Foundation, a non-profit organization whose mission is to help returning soldiers integrate back into society.

Paul’s Bar Mitzvah is a very significant accomplishment for Paul, his family, friends and the Beth Ami community.

About Lenore Kingston

I am the Jewish Cultural School Director at Beth Ami CCHJ. Beth Ami is a welcoming community where we connect to Jewish past, celebrate Jewish present, and link to Jewish future through a humanistic philosophy.

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