6 Teen Entrepreneurs Improving Our World

17-year-old Kai Kloeper, from Boulder, CO, invents biometric access firearm.

With so much chaos in the world, teens are finding more motivation than ever to affect change.  Such motivation is giving rise to a new generation of creative problem solvers. Check out these six teen entrepreneurs whose bright ideas and passion for change are improving our world:

  1. Martha-Chumo
    Martha Chumo

    Martha Njeri Chumo (Education): Talk about empowerment through education! Martha Njeri Chumo of Kenya raised funds and founded her own school at the age of 18. The Nairobi Dev School was developed to uplift bright, young Africans by providing them with a broad technological skill set. Among the programs offered are smartphone app development and website design.

  1. Anya Pogharian (Health & Medical): Inspired by her volunteer work in a hospital dialysis unit, Anya Pogharian (17 at the time) successfully created her own dialysis machine — one that costs a fraction of those currently used by medical institutions (compare her version that’s approximately $400, as opposed to the market average of $24,000). She plans to use it to benefit impoverished dialysis patients in third-world countries, such as in India and Pakistan.
  1. Suman Mulumudi (Health & Medical): The son of a cardiologist, Suman Mulumudi set out to solve one of his father’s problems: stethoscopes that fail to detect quiet heart sounds. At the age of 15, Mulumudi invented StethIO, a mobile application that transforms a smartphone into a stethoscope and heart rate monitor. Not only is StethIO more sensitive than the equipment most doctors have in their offices, but it’s less expensive, too.
  1. Erik Finman (Education): In 2012, 15-year-old Erik Finman invested his grandmother’s gift of $1,000 in Bitcoin and made $100,000. With his earnings, he started Botangle, an online tutoring platform that connects students with experts on every topic imaginable, around the world, to help satisfy their intellectual curiosity.
  1. Kai Kloepfer (Gun Safety): Seventeen-year-old Kai Kloepfer, of Boulder, took gun-control matters into his own hands by applying biometric user authentication to firearms. His system renders a firearm unusable unless unlocked by an authorized fingerprint. His invention won him $50,000 from the Smart Tech for Firearms Challenge, which he’s investing in new supplies to improve his design.
  2. Kenneth Shinozuka
    Kenneth Shinozuka and his grandfather.

    Kenneth Shinozuka (Health & Medical): To help his grandfather and others with Alzheimer’s, at the age of 15 Shinozuka invented a small sensor for Alzheimer’s patients to wear on their feet. The motions caused by patients like his grandfather — standing and walking around — activate the sensor and immediately send an alert to their caretakers’ phone.

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