Becca Weaver Joins Boulder JCC Staff as Sustainability Director

BJCC Logo - Blue The Boulder JCC is proud to introduce our local Jewish community to our newest staff member, Becca Weaver.

Becca Weaver, BJCC Farm and Sustainability Director

Becca is passionate about sustainable agriculture, revitalizing Jewish practice, and building a more empowered, self-reliant and resilient society.  She believes that hands-on, experiential activities on the farm that are rooted in Jewish tradition are an effective and fun way to build community around these principles.

Thus, as the new Farm and Sustainability Director for the Boulder JCC, Becca is a perfect fit for organizing our community conversations about the future of the Boulder Jewish Commons Community Farm, and running our Camp Eco-Fun Specialty Day Camp.

From July 7 – 11, Becca will be running Camp Eco-Fun for children ages 5 – 8 at the Boulder JCC.  This Specialty Day Camp is a new camp offering for kids who want to dig deep into the science, art, and Jewish-ness behind the natural world.  Campers will learn about and experience environmental principles, radical amazement, and Jewish values through nature hikes, expert guest educators, field trips, and hands-on projects. Children will discover a love of the environment, a sense of stewardship, and will bring these ideas home to share with their families.

Becca has a broad background of unique skills she brings to the Boulder JCC. After receiving her Bachelor’s degree in chemical engineering from Washington University in St Louis, she started working on Jewish community farms (including Adamah at Isabella Freedman and Kayam Farm at Pearlstone), combining her technical skills with her love for food, nature, and tradition.

Word Cloud generated from community conversations envisioning a community farm
Word Cloud generated from community conversations envisioning a community farm

She is also certified in ecological horticulture from UC Santa Cruz and has a Master’s degree in agriculture, food, and the environment from Tufts University Friedman School of Nutrition. She worked as Farmer Resource Coordinator for the New Entry Sustainable Farming Project in Lowell, MA, and started Ganei Beantown (Beantown Jewish Gardens), an initiative to bring more sustainable food and agricultural education to the Boston-area Jewish community.

In her spare time, she enjoys running her own small farm business, playing in the Colorado outdoors, baking, domestic chemistry experiments, and sharing her knowledge with her community.

The Boulder JCC is thrilled to have Becca on board. Here’s Becca introducing herself and her new position:

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