A Year of Shabbat: One Community’s Passionate Desire to Connect

JtBoulderWhat is the most important holiday in the Jewish calendar?

Rosh Hashannah? Yom Kippur? Passover?

While all excellent guesses, the only Jewish holiday mentioned in the 10 commandments is Shabbat.

Ahhh. Just thinking about it makes me take a deep breath and think happy thoughts of freshly baking bread, wine slowly warming my insides and reading to my daughter by candlelight.

When is the last time you allowed the magic of Shabbat to infuse your soul? Jewish Together – Boulder, in an effort to reinvigorate, renew and reconnect people to the Sabbath is launching a series of initiatives designed to breathe new life into your current Shabbat practice or help you connect to a practice that feels good to you.

Our website has a Shabbat Portal with Shabbat Programs, special events on how to “be” Shabbat, ways to celebrate your Shabbat Practice at home, and even recipes.

For those of you who would like to try a new synagogue or who are hesitant to attend a Shabbat service after a long absence from synagogue life, Michael’s List may be just what you are looking for. We will highlight a different synagogue every few weeks as noted on our facebook page and google group. Every Tuesday, you will get a notification on where the group will be celebrating Shabbat that week. We will also let you know the customs of the synagogue to help you blend in and feel more comfortable. Meet new people, have someone to sit with, and after services, you will be invited to someone’s home for dinner. It is a wonderful way to experience synagogue in community.

If you have always wanted to host a Shabbat dinner, Jewish Together – Boulder will be providing hosting bags with ideas, information, and a few treats to help you host like a pro. Contact one of the synagogues or Michael Rosensweig, Community Concierge, Michael@boulderjcc.org, and we will get you started.

Save the Date! We have an ambitious goal of having 100% of the interested Jewish community engaged in a simultaneous celebration of Shabbat on October 18-19, 2013, entitled A Bolder Shabbat. We will have a multitude of ideas on making this Shabbat personally fulfilling, meaningful and connected!

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