Four questions +1 about Kabbalah of You Course

Four questions +1 about Kabbalah of You Course

Beginning this Tuesday and Wednesday evening is the JLI Kabbalah of You course. We present four questions plus one about the upcoming course. 

What benefit will I walk away with from the course?

This course covers so many vital issues. It’s about living your life to the fullest and finding deeper meanings. It’s about creating joy and lasting happiness. It’s about what it means to be human. The goal of the course is to give students a new and refreshing view about themselves. This will translate into a higher self confidence and better relationships both at home and at work.

Last time I took a lesson in kabbalah my head was spinning, how is the Kabbalah of You course different?

I am really excited about this course because while the course includes kabalistic concepts, they are explained through mystical and hasidic teachings, making them easy to understand and digest. It should also be noted that the class draws on a host of contemporary and classic Jewish teachings as well as amusing anecdotes and stories.

I’m going to have to miss one or two of the six classes; will I lose the flow of the course?

While we definitely encourage participation in all classes, each class brings about a whole new learning experience independent to what was taught in the previous class. In addition the classes will be recorded and available on our website the very next day.

How will I stay awake, never mind alert for an evening class after a longs days work?

Before and during each lesson, refreshments, fresh coffee and tea are available. In addition, a stimulating power-point presentation accompanies each class and students voluntarily lead the class reading the selected texts from their student books. Lastly we encourage questions, rebuttals and objections, making for a lively classroom atmosphere.

I’m still not sure this course is for me, can I come for just one class to give it a trail before I sign up?

Yes! The first class is free and while we would love to see you return for the remaining classes we leave that decision up to you. Due to Halloween we are offering the first class on both Tuesday Oct 30 and Wednesday Oct 31. The remaining classes will take place on the following five Wednesdays with a break for Thanksgiving. All classes take place at Chabad of NW Metro Denver 4505 W 112th Ave. Westminster and are from 7:-8:30 pm.

To  RSVP for the first class just email or call 720-984-5805. For more info please visit

Special offer: If  you RSVP for the first class (no charge) you will get a free classic book, called The Thirteen Petalled Rose, which addresses the ten most important questions about Jewish existence and belief written by acclaimed author Rabbi Adin Steinsaltz. 

About Rabbi Benjy Brackman

Benjy Brackman is the Rabbi/Executive Director of Chabad of NW Metro Denver in Westminster, Colorado.

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