Bonai Shalom School Wins Excellence Award

We are delighted to announce that Bonai Shalom has been recognized as a “Framework for Excellence School” by the United Synagogue of Conservative Judaism. Bonai Shalom is currently the only school in the state of Colorado to receive this status and is only of 23 schools nationwide to be so recognized, marking it as one of the top religious schools in the country.

This prestigious certification marks the fact that Bonai Shalom has met rigorous standards in all academic areas that include professional development, curriculum development, and family education. Further, it has demonstrated that it has met all of the goals, aims and benchmarks necessary to be recognized as a school of exceptional academic quality.

As a Framework for Excellence School, Bonai Shalom has been recognized for its ability to integrate formal and informal educational programming in a seamless way further highlighting the importance of both. This standard for academic excellence also recognizes the Congregation’s success in creating partnership between the professional staff and the lay leadership in building the kind of relationships that result in establishing high quality, meaning centered religious school learning opportunities.

Especially noteworthy is the high energy of Education Director Froma Fallik, driven to provide exciting, kid friendly, high quality, joyful education for her students. An accomplished educator, Froma has put her mark on the School and Congregation by propelling it to national heights of recognition. Her talented staff of teachers is enhanced by Rabbi Marc Soloway who plays an integral part in the educational program. Together these leaders are exemplary role models for their students as they engage in the sacred task of transmitting the Jewish traditions. None of this would be possible without the help and support of the Education Committee lead with consummate skill by Chairperson Steve Hill.

The United Synagogue “Framework for Excellence” certification is a testimony to the fact that Bonai Shalom has assembled a solid educational team that works closely with the lay leadership, parents and students to create and sustain a unique school insuring the future of Judaism in America.

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