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Passover in the Matzah Aisle

If you’ve been to King Soopers in March, you’ve probably run into friends in the Passover aisle – but also have likely seen people you’ve never met.  Over half the Jewish households in the Boulder/Denver area report participating in a Passover seder, making it the second highest ritual celebration level (lighting Chanukah candles is first). And, over half of currently married couples are intermarried.

How can organizations use Passover as an opportunity to reach unaffiliated Jews and intermarried families where they are? Can such programming to serve as the beginning of deeper engagement with the Jewish community? The Jewish Outreach Institute thinks so and will show you how!

The program Passover in the Matzah Aisle SM helps organizations connect with people shopping for Passover foods.  Outreach staff and trained volunteers are there to engage individuals and families while shopping, provide them with Passover information, samples of traditional foods like charoset, and recipes.  It takes place the week before Passover right in supermarkets and food stores nationwide. All Jewish communal professionals and volunteer leaders are invited to bring this innovative program to their communities this year.

The program can be operated by synagogues, Jewish Community Centers and other communal organization interested in finding and serving the less-affiliated in their communities, in conjunction with the Jewish Outreach Institute (JOI).

By signing on to participate, organizations have access to:

  • Free webinar trainings that will:
    • Provide helpful tools for developing Passover programming; teach the Passover in the Matzah AisleSM program model; offer specific guidance for working with commercial partners and creating community buy-in; and teach approaches to strategic marketing
    • Help you recruit, engage, and train colleagues and Passover outreach volunteers; maximize your visibility and impact; and teach follow-up strategies for lasting engagement
  • Live Q & A with professionals who have successfully implemented the program in their communities
  • A full, FREE step-by-step implementation guide, consumer educational materials and support to bring the program to your community!

Please contact Eva Stern, JOI’s Director of Training at or 212-760-1440 to learn how you can implement this program and turn a taste of matzah into a lifetime of engagement!

The Jewish Outreach Institute (JOI), the coordinating partner of the Big Tent Judaism Coalition, honors Jewish values by promoting a more welcoming and inclusive North American Jewish community that embraces intermarried families and unengaged Jews, and encourages their increased participation in Jewish life.

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