Hazon Awards Grants to Local Organizations

Hazon is pleased to announce that it has granted funds to 11 local community organizations and projects, including several in Boulder.

Hazon is the largest Jewish environmental organization and its mission is to create healthy and sustainable communities in the Jewish world and beyond. We are able to provide grants to strengthen the Jewish food & environmental movement in Denver and Boulder due to the generous support of our funders, Rose Community Foundation, 18 Pomegranates, and the Oreg Foundation.

Hazon has two staff members on the ground in Colorado, who are working closely with a lay Steering Committee to enable local programs and institutions to take their work to the next level and enable the Jewish community to contribute to creating healthier and sustainable Boulder and Denver communities overall. With the Colorado Steering Committee’s guidance, Hazon granted funds to local organizations and projects to inspire and grow a range of programs in Boulder and Denver that utilize Jewish food education, Jewish outdoor education, and Jewish environmental education.

Grants were awarded to:

Boulder Chicken Co-op: $2,000 for training in kosher slaughter and also for needed materials, this project is to be coordinated with the Denver Chicken Co-op from the Hebrew Educational Alliance.

Boulder Jewish Commons Community Farm: $1,300 towards the clean up of their land as well as goat milking supplies that will follow Colorado’s Raw Milk Association guidelines.

Congregation Bonai Shalom: $1,000 towards a Solar Ner Tamid and food preservation classes to support eating locally year-round.

Denver Jewish Day School: $2,000 to establish an Urban Garden and Educational Center.

Edibly Fit, Denver JCC CSA: $2,000 towards continuing to run their 60 member CSA and develop a volunteer engagement plan.

Ekar Farm: $2,000 to develop and deliver a month’s worth of programming around their new beehive that will coincide with Rosh Hashannah.

Hebrew Educational Alliance: $500 to evaluate the possibility of a South Denver collaborative farm project between the Hebrew Educational Alliance, Temple Sinai, and the Kabbalah Experience.

JFS Weinberg Food Pantry: $2,000 to expand their nutrition and wellness programs. Part of the funds will go towards new materials for school children who visit the WFP on tours. The second part of the funds will go towards a partnership with Cooking Matters, a state-wide program that teaches low-income adults how to prepare healthy, nutritious meals using food from the WFP.

Limmud Colorado: $600 towards providing scholarship funds to bring activists from the local Jewish Food Movement to the next Limmud gathering to teach and learn.

Robert E. Loup Jewish Community Center: $2,000 for an intergenerational garden to be used by the preschool and the senior community.

Stepping Stones: $2,000 for a day of learning for interfaith families on Tu B’Shevat.

For more information about these projects or Hazon’s work in Colorado, please contact Becky O’Brien, Director of Community Engagement, Becky.O’brien@Hazon.org, 303-886-5865 or Juliet Glaser, Director of Community Education, Juliet.Glaser@Hazon.org, 303-886-4894.


About Becky O'Brien

Hazon is America's largest Jewish environmental organization. We create healthier and more sustainable communities in the Jewish world and beyond. Hazon in Colorado is led by Becky O'Brien, Boulder Director and Sarah Kornhauser, Denver Director.

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