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Program – Related Investments Key Tool for Impact Investors

deboskey group

Increasingly, charitable donors are interested in "impact investing" with their philanthropically committed capital.

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JEWISHcolorado and JCRC Weigh In on US-Israel Relations


We are concerned by the growing divisiveness within American Jewry. Sadly, Israel, which once was a unifying tie that held our people together, is now fracturing some elements of our Jewish community.

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Is Paris — And Europe — Burning?


Boulder resident and former French citizen Sylvain Hayoun recently returned from a visit to Paris. Here is his report on the state of the Jews there after the horrendous events in January.

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Vote for a Green Israel in the Parliament of the Jewish People

Rabbi Marc Soloway

Did you know that there is an International Parliament of the Jewish People? It represents all of us and we can all vote and be represented in Israel.

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Reflections On Our Solidarity Mission to Paris

“A fire is burning,” Vladimir (Ze’ev) Jabotinsky declared to European Jewry during the 1930s. Too few heeded his cry. As I leave Paris after a solidarity mission following terrorist attacks at Charlie Hebdo and Hyper Cacher, I offer a similar cry.

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Chanukah – When Mail Delay Saves the Day

Yehudis 2x2

Many Chassidic masters tell us that the letter that is written to us from above on Rosh Hashana and sealed on Yom Kippur, does not actually reach our address until Chanukah.

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